Rogue Galaxy Trophy Guide

Rogue Galaxy Trophy Guide

Rogue Galaxy Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** A third-person action-RPG originally released on the PS2 in 2005. The Platinum is not particularly difficult, but quite time consuming.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Rogue Galaxy *** 35 Level-5 Japan 19 10 5 0 0

Rogue Galaxy

Rogue Galaxy is a third-person action-RPG first released on the PlayStation 2 in 2005, and revamped in HD with trophy support for the PlayStation 4 in 2015. Players explore a continuous environment while fighting enemies met in random encounters, in hack and slash real-time battles. Each character has an Action Gauge which decreases as actions are performed, and must be refilled before another action can be done. Weapons can be leveled up, as well as synthesized with each other to create a new, stronger weapon.

Jaster Rogue is an agriculturalist living on the desert planet Rosa, who is recruited by space pirate Dorgengoa who is on an adventure to seek out eternal life. Yet as they travel from planet to planet, Jaster finds himself becoming involved in a galactic conflict.

The original Rogue Galaxy released on the PS2 received positive reviews with an average score of 82%, praised for its graphics, battle system, variety of side-quests, and overall gameplay, though criticized by some for its plot and lack in character development.

The game may be a little challenging at times, though is not particularly difficult. However, the road to the Platinum is very time consuming, hence the 3-star difficulty rating. Particularly, you’ll need upgrade all legendary Seven-Star Swords to their final form, and have at least one of your characters reach level 99, which can be quite grinding. Still, with help from the guides under our Links tab, and with enough time on your hands, any average player can unlock the Platinum.

Expect roughly 80-100 hours for the Platinum.

There are no missable trophies to worry about, so feel free to play through the main story and enjoy it. If you wish to reduce some of the post-game grinding, you may wish to use this opportunity to work on collecting and upgrading the legendary Seven-Star Swords for the Keeper Of The Blades trophy, as well as unlock some of the miscellaneous trophies. Check out the Rogue Galaxy trophy guide links under our Links tab for more details, if this is something you want to do.

Once you’ve finished the main game, you will have unlocked the post-game dungeons, the Ghost Ship and the Ghost Ship Extreme. Now is a good time to explore these, for not only will you unlock the Space Whiz and Ghost Ship Conqueror trophies, but you will have a good opportunity to grind towards reaching level 99 for A Strong Constitution trophy.

After that, it’s time to mop up all the outstanding trophies, with the exception of those related to the Insectron Tournament. Most of these will be miscellaneous trophies you may have missed during your initial play through the main story. Be sure to check out the Rogue Galaxy trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you’re missing and their requirements.

Finally, it’s time for the Insectron Tournament. Here, you’ll first need to assemble a team of five Insectors, then head to the planet Zerard and talk to the announcer in the middle of the Insectron Stadium to begin the tournaments. You’ll unlock the Space Beetles trophy for simply winning a game, but more importantly, you’ll need to become the S-rank champion for the Lord Of The Bugs trophy. For more tips on this, check out the guides under our Links tab.

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