Shikhondo Soul Eater Trophy Guide

Shikhondo Soul Eater Trophy Guide

Shikhondo Soul Eater Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** A top-down bullet hell shoot ’em up based on Asian mythology. The Platinum is quick but quite challenging.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Shikhondo: Soul Eater ** 20 DeerFarm Korea 5 5 9 0 0

Shikhondo: Soul Eater

Shikhondo: Soul Eater is a top-down, bullet-hell shoot โ€˜em up which blends the action with Asian mythology. Players select from one of two characters and fire at a variety of enemies while dodging a continuous onslaught of bullets, while making their way each stages final boss. The game includes a co-op mode which can be either local or through SharePlay.

Demons known as Yokai have escaped from their imprisonment of Limbo, and are bringing horror across the land by stealing the souls of their victims. It is up to The Girl and the Grim Reaper to destroy the Yokai and free the captured souls.

Shikhondo: Soul Eater received modest reviews with an average score of 69%, praised for its artwork and controls, though criticized for its short length in relation to its high price.

Despite needing a minimum of four playthroughs for the Platinum, the game itself is quite short and requires only around 30 minutes per playthrough. The reason for the 2-star difficulty rather than anything lower, is for the challenge involved. There are trophies which require full playthroughs without using any continues, which can be demanding and may require a number of restarts. Playthroughs on co-op mode are also required, however this can be done solo, even without a second controller.

Expect anywhere between 4-10 hours for the Platinum, depending on your skills.

Due to both the shortness of the game, as well its challenge, we recommend working towards the Platinum step by step. Start by simply playing through the game, selecting to play as either Grim Reaper or The Girl, in Arcade mode on Easy difficulty. Along the way, you will not only unlock the stage-related trophies, but a number of miscellaneous ones almost naturally as you play.

After you complete your first playthrough, be sure to check the leaderboards in order to get the Raising Hell trophy.

Next, itโ€™s time for a second playthrough. Select Arcade mode again, only this time choose whichever character, between Grim Reaper or The Girl, to unlock that characterโ€™s trophy. We also recommend doing this on Normal mode in order to get used to the gradual difficulty.

Next, select Boss Rush mode on Normal difficulty. Here, your objective is not only to complete this mode for the Speed Demon trophy, but also doing so without using any continues for the Nothing Normal About It trophy. While continues are still available, you cannot use them if you wish to unlock the trophy, and so instead will need to start over if you reach that point.

Next, start up a game on Arcade mode on Easy difficulty, and again, get through the game without using any continues. This will unlock the Back To Limbo trophy for not using continues on Arcade mode, and the You Think That Was Easy trophy for not using continues on Easy mode.

After that, itโ€™s time for the co-op trophies. You can chose to either play locally with a friend, use SharePlay, or simply play by yourself with a single controller. In fact, if you cannot play with someone locally, we recommend doing this solo rather than using SharePlay, as the game is quite fast-paced and so the lag may make things more difficult. Co-op mode is a little more difficult, as the enemies can take more damage. Completing Co-op mode on Easy difficulty will unlock the Double Drop trophy. Also, if you can do this without using continues, you will save yourself an extra playthrough and unlock the Easy Riders trophy as well.

If you havenโ€™t unlocked the Easy Riders trophy in the previous playthrough, then now is the time to play on Co-op mode on Easy difficulty without using any continues. If you already managed to unlock this trophy, then youโ€™ll still need to play on Co-op mode on Normal difficulty without using continues for the Been Through Hell Together trophy.

If youโ€™ve been following this roadmap, then you should have unlocked the Platinum after your Co-op Normal mode playthrough. If not, simply mop-up whatever trophies you are still missing. Be sure to check out the Shikhondo Soul Eater trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you still need and their requirements.

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