PlayStation Plus Free Games December 2020

PlayStation Plus Free Games December 2020

Season’s greetings!

It’s that time of the year when some of us may still be in the holiday spirit and perhaps exchange a gift or two. Sony is certainly still in a festive mood, as they are giving away another set of freebies to PlayStation Plus members. Also, like last month, we’re getting another three freebies, two for the PS4 and one to celebrate the launch of the PS5, so looks like this will become a common trend with Sony. So without further ado, here are the PlayStation Plus Free Games December 2020, available for download on the first of December.

First, there’s Just Cause 4, the next title in the action adventure series by Avalanche Studios. A sequel to Just Cause 3, the game takes place in an open-world set in the fictional nation of Solis, where Rico Rodriguez is seeking to take down a private military known as The Black Hand.

Next, there’s Rocket Arena, a third-person online shooter from Final Strike Games. Players select from a range of colorful characters with unique abilities, and jump into an arena where they assist teammates while battling against the opponent.

Finally, there’s Worms Rumble, newly launched for the PS5 but also available for the PS4. Players take control of their worm in this 2.5D action game and battle other players, while customizing their worm through unlocked cosmetic items.

All three games have Platinum trophies to unlock.

Players familiar with the Just Cause series will know what to expect in unlocking all the trophies for Just Cause 4. The game is not particularly difficult for average gamers, there are no missable trophies, and will require around 40 hours of gameplay.

The Platinum for Rocket Arena has some straightforward trophies, though the difficulty in unlocking the Platinum entirely depends on your online shooting skills. Expect anywhere between 50-80 hours, depending on your skills and luck.

The same can be said for Worms Rumble, which also requires online skills and luck for the Platinum, and could take anywhere between 50-80 hours. [EDIT]: Players be warned that a few trophies on the PS5 version have reported to be buggy, and not unlocking.