Erica Trophy Guide

Erica trophy guide

Erica Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * An FMV game in which players make choices that affect the outcome of the story. The Platinum is both easy with a walkthrough and can be obtained in under ten hours.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Erica * 34 Flavourworks U.K. 12 18 3 0 0


Erica is an FMV (Full Motion Video) game first released on the PS4 in August 2019. Using either the PlayStation 4 Controller, or a companion app on a smartphone, players watch the film while making choices throughout, thereby affecting the story and its ending. The film stars Holly Earl as the titular character.

Erica Mason is a young woman, still haunted with nightmares of her father’s murder. After receiving a severed hand in the mail, she is sent to the Delphi House, an asylum where her parents once worked, for protection while the police begin their investigation. While there, she begins to unravel secrets behind her parents and the Delphi House itself.

Erica received lukewarm reviews with an average score of 69%, praised for Holly Earl’s performance, musical score, and writing, though criticized by some for its slow pacing.

The game does not require any skill, as you are simply watching a movie while making choices along the way. As long as you are following a walkthrough that explains which choices to make during each playthrough, this is definitely a 1-star difficulty Platinum. Expect around 5-6 playthroughs to collect all the trophies, with each playthrough lasting around one and a half hours. The only downside, other than overcoming the boredom of replaying the game 5-6 times, is that all earned trophies unlock only after completing the game – this means that if you made a mistake during your choices, you won’t realize this until the end.

Expect around 8-10 hours for the Platinum, depending on how many playthroughs you do.

You have the option of playing the game with either the companion app on a smartphone, or the PS4 controller. We recommend using the smartphone, as we found the game easier to control this way.

Also, take note that all earned trophies will unlock only at the end of the game. This means that if you made any mistakes during your choices, you won’t know until after completing your playthrough.

Lastly, if you wish to simply play through the game and enjoy it first, before following any walkthroughs, that is totally feasible. Just be aware of which choices you made, so you can fine-tune your walkthrough playthroughs to avoid any unnecessary replays.

We highly recommend checking out the walkthroughs under our Links tab, as well as the Erica trophy guide links for details on unlocking everything for each playthrough. However, here are some basics to keep in mind:

For one playthrough, you will need to kill everyone for the No Survivors trophy, and then burn down the Delphi House for the Into The Moonlight trophy. This can also be combined with seeing all the corpses for the I See Dead People trophy, and always going against the police officer Blake for the Failure To Comply trophy.

A second playthrough will require you to avoid killing anyone for the Innocent trophy, which needs to be combined with joining Lucien at the Delphi House to unlock the Happy Family trophy.

A third playthrough is needed to accept the butterfly mask and become the priestess, in order to unlock The Butterfly trophy.

A fourth playthough is required for being sedated and having to stay at the Delphi House for the Prisoner trophy. This can be combined with the Backstabber trophy, in which you gain Blake’s trust and kiss him, only to kill him later.

A fifth playthrough is needed for the Not Alone trophy, in which you saved Tobi, then selected to burn down the Delphi House, thereby leaving with both Tobi and Kristie waiting for you. Since this is the last of the five possible endings, you should also unlock the Thank You trophy.

During these playthroughs, there are other trophies which require unlocking along the way as well, such as gaining the trust of the three girls at the Delphi House, and finding all the collectibles in the form of documents, oleander petals, and witnessing the fox in various places. Again, check out the Erica trophy guide links under our Links tab for more details.

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