To Leave Trophy Guide

To Leave Trophy Guide

To Leave Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** A 2D platformer in which the player rides a jumping, floating door. Some later chapters can be tricky, but the Platinum is overall not time-consuming.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
To Leave ** 15 Freaky Creations Ecuador 0 4 10 0 0

To Leave

To Leave is a 2D platformer in which the player, riding a door, is able to jump and float through space, while collecting "vibrance" to power the door, and avoiding obstacles. Failing a level means giving some of your own soul to the feed the door, allowing the player to try again.

Harm is a young man suffering from manic-depression. Finding himself in possession of a magical, flying door, he embarks on a quest to use an ancient technology to collect the souls of his home-world and send everyone to heaven.

To Leave received lukewarm reviews with an average score of 64%, praised for its visuals, soundtrack, and overall fun, but criticized by some for its short length and difficulty curve.

This is a low 2-star difficulty rating. In fact, it might have been a 1-star if not for the final couple chapters, which can be quite challenging to complete. The game itself is quite short though, and except for three missable trophies, all others are story related and so cannot be missed.

The Platinum can be earned in roughly 8-10 hours, depending on your platforming skills.

The majority of the trophies are story-related, and so will automatically unlock as you progress through the game. However, there are three missable trophies which, if you plan on obtaining the Platinum in one playthrough, should be kept in mind.

The first is the Old Journals trophy. Starting in Chapter 2, you will have a journal entry which highlights the tasks of the current chapter. Hit the Circle button to zoom out, and go through the older journal entries, which will unlock the trophy.

The other two missable trophies relate to the Grim Reaper who randomly spawns on the roof of the house between Chapters 2 to 10. The roof can be accessed by the ladder. You will unlock The Reaper trophy simply by finding him on the roof.

For the Reaper Ending trophy, you will need to interact with and surrender to him. This will unlock the Reaper Ending trophy, but will also result in you requiring to start back at the Prologue. To avoid this, feel free to make a save either to the PS Cloud or on a USB, which you can then reload after having surrendered to the Grim Reaper. After reloading, simply avoid interacting with him, and continue with the game.

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