PlayStation Plus Free Games October 2021

PlayStation Plus Free Games October 2021

It may be getting colder out there, for some of us. Why bother putting on a sweater and wandering around in the chilly air, when you can stay home and collect those trophies? Sony has just announced their next line-up of PlayStation Plus free games October 2021 available for download on Tuesday, October 5.

First, for the PS5, there’s Hell Let Loose, a multiplayer first-person shooter first released just a little over a month ago. Taking place during WWII, players compete as either the Americans or Germans in 50 vs. 50 online battles. The game includes capture-the-flag and an offensive/defensive mode, while players either lead or participate in units to accomplish their objectives.

Next, for the PS4, there’s the 2015 Mortal Kombat X, the fighting game which includes 24 playable characters, a storymode, and of course online battles. Despite being a bit dusty for a PS+ freebie release, the game did receive some positive reviews in its day.

Finally, there’s PGA Tour 2K21 for the PS4. Get out your golf bag and enjoy a number of licensed courses while playing against professional golfers. The game received positive reviews for its realism, and its appeal to both newcomers and veterans to the PGA Tour golfing franchise.

All three games in the PlayStation Plus free games October 2021 line-up include Platinum trophies to unlock.

The Platinum for PGA Tour 2K21 is perhaps the easiest of the three, requiring around 20-30 hours of gameplay, depending on any previous experience with golfing games.

The Platinum for Mortal Kombat X is less grinding than its previous installment, but will still need around 60-80 hours depending on your fighting skills. Finding yourself a boosting partner will certainly make those online trophies easier.

Being a relatively new game, there still isn’t much news on the Platinum for Hell Let Loose, though it has been reported by some players that the Platinum will take well over 100 hours of gameplay.