PlayStation Plus Free Games September 2021

PlayStation Plus Free Games September 2021

It’s back to school for some, and another month of work for others. Either way, be sure to spend some time relaxing by picking up that controller and checking out the next set of freebies from Sony. Here is the next line-up of PlayStation Plus free games September 2021 available for download on Tuesday, September 7.

First, there’s Hitman 2, the 2018 sequel in the stealth series and seventh installment altogether. Play as the genetically-engineered Agent 47 who is searching for the Shadow Client bent on destroying the secret organization known as Providence which involves itself in all of the world’s affairs.

Next, there’s Overcooked! All You Can Eat, a simulation game which incorporates both the first and second Overcooked titles. Put on your chef’s hat and start preparing meals for all those hungry customers as quickly as possible.

Lastly, there’s Predator: Hunting Grounds, the 2020 online multiplayer in which one player controls the Predator, out to hunt the team of four human soldiers who have their own mission to complete.

Among the three PlayStation Plus free games September 2021, Overcooked! All You Can Eat and Predator: Hunting Grounds have Platinum trophies to unlock.

The Platinum for Overcooked! All You Can Eat is perhaps the easiest and less time consuming, especially for those who have already played the previous Overcooked and Overcooked 2, requiring roughly around 20 hours for the Platinum.

The Platinum trophy for Predator: Hunting Ground is extremely challenging if playing legitimately, and significantly easier if boosting. Either way, expect nearly 100 hours of gameplay for this one.

Lastly, while Hitman 2 has no Platinum, unlocking 100% of the trophies is of average difficulty, but required a lot of grinding. Expect around 85-100 hours to obtain all the trophies. Also, keep in mind that the game includes an additional whopping 108 trophies in downloadable content.