Waking Violet Trophy Guide

Waking Violet Trophy Guide

Waking Violet Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * A top-down puzzle game with 42 levels to complete. If following a guide, the Platinum is both quick and easy.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Waking Violet * 19 Marco Mastropaolo Italy 7 2 9 0 0

Waking Violet

Waking Violet is a top-down puzzle game. The player controls the protagonist Violet, solving puzzles by using abilities, manipulating the environment, and figuring out how to avoid or stop monsters from attacking. The game includes 42 levels, and the ability to rewind time to undo mistakes made by the player.

Violet is a teen girl who desires to be treated like an adult. After falling asleep, she becomes trapped in a dream and cannot awaken until she has fulfilled her quest.

Waking Violet received positive reviews with an average score of 79%, praised for its puzzles and level of difficulty, art design, and soundtrack.

Since this is mostly a puzzle game, following a guide will make this Platinum quick and easy to obtain. There are two mini-games which must be completed, one being a Pac-Man like game, the other a Bomberman like game, and so these require a little skill. As for the rest of the game, as long as you follow a guide, and make a strategic save before the story branches off to different endings, unlocking the Platinum is not very difficult.

If following a guide, expect around 3 hours for the Platinum, and under 10 hours if solving things on your own.

NOTE: The trophies on the PS4 share the same list with those on the PS Vita.

In order to acquire the Platinum in the quickest way possible, play through the game up until the Alchemist. Along the way, you will unlock a number of trophies naturally. However, be sure to make an effort to get the Trap-Door Murderer trophy for killing a monster with a door, die outside a level for the Clumsy trophy, complete five levels without using the rewind button for the Unmistaken trophy, and play through the game without using any hints for the Intrepid trophy. Also, you’ll want to play and complete both secret levels for the What’s This Key For and I Might Need A Keyring trophies.

There are three different endings, each with their own corresponding trophy which includes The Dream Is Still Alive, A Broken Dream, and the Sweet Dreams trophies. Check out the Waking Violet trophy guide links under our Links tab for more details on this. Once you have completed one of the three endings and finished watching the credits, reload back to the Alchemist and work towards another one. Also, after you have unlocked the Unmistaken trophy for not using any hints, be sure to use a hint during your run for the next ending, to get the Not Afraid To Ask trophy.

Hopefully, after completing those three endings, you should unlock the Platinum. Be sure to check out the Waking Violet trophy guide links and walkthroughs on our Links tab if you’re having trouble.

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