Dreamals Dream Quest Trophy Guide

Dreamals Dream Quest Trophy Guide

Dreamals Dream Quest Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * A 2D puzzle platformer. If following a guide, the Platinum is quick and not particularly difficult.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Dreamals: Dream Quest * 23 Xiness Games Korea 2 13 7 0 0

Dreamals: Dream Quest

Dreamals: Dream Quest is a 2D platformer puzzle game and sequel to the 2015 title Dreamals. Players take control of three different animals: a fox which can only move to the right, a deer which can only move to the left, and a bird that can only jump. Touching the animals together forms a hybrid with each animal’s movement ability. Players must guide the animals towards a key that opens a portal, then guide them towards the portal. The game includes six different worlds, each with fifteen levels to complete, along with several secret levels.

In the world of Dreamland, anyone can have their wishes granted. Three homeless and wounded animals enter Dreamland in order to find treasures and save their world.

While few online critics have reviewed Dreamals: Dream Quest, the game has generally been praised for its level and puzzle design, and overall entertainment, though criticized for repetitiveness and having to replay levels after learning the exit portal’s location.

While a few levels may require some practice and replay, the Platinum is overall not particularly demanding and can be obtained quite quickly. Following a video guide to help solve the puzzles will make your run fast and easy, and each level can be replayed as many times as necessary until completed under the required time.

If following a video guide, expect around 7-8 hours for the Platinum.

The majority of the trophies are for clearing levels, so start by simply playing through all 6 Worlds. Each world consists of 15 levels, plus one or two Secret levels which are revealed after completing the fifteenth level.

Feel free to figure out the puzzles on your own, or check out the video guides under our Links tab if you’re in a rush to complete the game and unlock the Platinum. Either way, during this first step, try your best at obtaining Five Stars on each level, to avoid replaying later on. Earning Five Stars requires you to complete the level under an undisclosed time limit.

Once you finished all the levels in all six Worlds, you should have the majority of the trophies unlocked.

Now, replay the fifteenth level on the Moon World to view the optional ending, as well as unlock the New Dream Keeper Of Dreamland trophy. After that, start replaying levels which you have not yet earned Five Stars. While there are a total possible of 500 Stars that can be earned throughout the game, you only need 490 in order to unlock the Master Star Collector trophy, which means if a particular level is giving you trouble, feel free to move on to an easier one. Again, check out the video guides, as well as the Dreamals Dream Quest trophy guide links under our Links tab for more details.

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