PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2023

Too hot to go out? Prefer to stay indoors and play some games? Well, if you are a PlayStation Plus member, Sony has you covered. Here is the next line-up of PlayStation Plus free games July 2023 available for download on Tuesday, July 4.

For both the PS5 and PS4, there’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the sixth installment in the Black Ops series, released in 2020. This first-person shooter takes place in the 1980s when the Cold War was still going on. Play as a recruited CIA officer and search out for a Soviet spy.

Also, for both the PS4 and PS5, there’s Alan Wake Remastered, an action-adventure which was originally released back in 2010, and has now been remastered complete with trophy support. Join Alan Wake, a bestselling novelist, who is searching for his wife after going missing during a vacation in the small fictional town of Bright Falls.

Lastly, also for both PS5 and PS4, there’s Endling: Extinction is Forever, a survival-adventure indie game developed by Herobeat Studios. In a 3D side-scrolling post-apocalyptic world, players take control of a mother fox who must protect and care for her young kits, who are the last of their species.

All three titles of the PlayStation Plus free games July 2023 have a platinum trophy to unlock.

Among these, Endling: Extinction is Forever is by far the easiest and quickest platinum to obtain. The challenge involved is below-average in terms of difficulty, particularly if you are following a guide. Despite completing two playthroughs which most guides recommend, the platinum can be obtained in roughly 10 hours.

Obtaining the platinum trophy for Alan Wake Remastered is a fairly average challenge. The game requires collectibles to find, and a playthrough on Nightmare mode. However, with a walkthrough, any average gamer could platinum the game in roughly 30-35 hours.

For those of you who have experience playing Call of Duty titles should have a good idea of what is involved in obtaining the platinum for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The campaign is not particularly long, but you will be spending most of your time online. If you have a good team and can get help with boosting, expect around 80-100 hours of gameplay.