Energy Invasion Trophy Guide

Energy Invasion Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * A breakout clone with shooter elements. The Platinum requires more patience than skill, and only a few hours of gameplay.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Energy Invasion * 19 Sometimes You Russia 3 7 8 0 0

Energy Invasion

Energy Invasion is a breakout clone in which players control a paddle which can move horizontally at the bottom of the screen. The paddle is used to bounce an energy ball against a row of blocks in order to break them. The player can also launch missiles in a chosen direction to assist in breaking the blocks. The game has three different modes, including an Endless mode.

Energy Invasion received generally negative reviews with an average score of 64%, praised for its twist on the breakout-like style of game and music, though criticized for its repetitiveness, visuals, and controls.

Even for those lacking in skill or experience in breakout clone games, the Platinum for Energy Invasion is fairly easy for the most part. Only a few levels may be a bit frustrating due to its luck-dependency. The game can be played on Easy mode, and allows for infinite continues. However, the necessary layers (levels) must be completed in one go, as returning to the menu screen will restart everything to Layer 1.

Expect roughly 3 hours of gameplay for the Platinum.

NOTE: The trophies on the PS4 have a separate list from those on the PS Vita.

There are no difficulty-related trophies, so feel free to play on Easy mode, which allows for more lives and avoid having red orbs shoot at you. Be warned that at any time, if you exit to the Main Menu, you will need to restart the game from the beginning. This means that each of the three modes will need to be played and completed in one sitting.

Begin by selecting Invasion Mode and play until completing Layer 25. Remember, do not exit back to the Main Menu, otherwise you will lose your progress and need to begin at Layer 1 again. You will unlock a trophy for every five Layers you complete, until eventually getting the Salvation trophy for completing Layer 25.

After that, select Linear Mode and play until completing 25. This mode can be tricky, as the blocks will move towards you and cause a game over should they reach you at the bottom of the screen. Completing each Layer is arguably more luck-based than skill. Remember to play on Easy mode, and continue until you’ve completed Layer 25 and unlocked the Persistence trophy. Lastly, remember not to exit to the Main Menu, or you will lose your progress.

Lastly, select Endless Mode and play until completing Layer 30, in order to unlock the Infinity trophy. Though Endless Mode can be played endlessly, you only need to reach Layer 30 for the Platinum.

The only trophy not Layer-related is the Health Pack trophy. While it is not clear how exactly to unlock this trophy, it should naturally unlock during your progress on Invasion mode. Some players reported unlocking the trophy after gaining an extra life, while others stated it was from destroying three or more bricks at the same time. Either way, the Health Pack trophy should unlock during your 2-3 hours of gameplay.

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