Shift Happens Trophy Guide

Shift Happens Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A 2D puzzle platformer with different levels for single player and two-player co-op. The majority of the trophies are quick and easy, but the time trials are very challenging.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Shift Happens *** 32 Klonk Games Germany 17 8 6 0 0

Shift Happens

Shift Happens is a 2D puzzle platformer in which players control a gelatinous being that can alter its size to small and more maneuverable, to large and heavy, similar to the character Toggle in LittleBigPlanet 3. The game includes multiplayer levels in which players must work together to solve the puzzles, and separate single player levels. The multiplayer function can be played either online or couch co-op mode.

Bismo and Plom are two gelatinous creatures created in a laboratory when, after an accident involving paint which gives them their orange and blue colors, also endows them with consciousness. They decide to make their way out of the laboratory and escape to freedom.

Shift Happens received positive reviews with an average score of 76%, praised for its level design, puzzle difficulty, and overall fun when playing in multiplayer, though criticized for its single player feature and overall simplicity and shortness of the game.

The game is not long, and the majority of the trophies are fairly easy to obtain. However, there are two trophies related to replaying the game in time trials, which is very challenging and leaves little room for error. One trophy is for completing the time trails in single player, the other is for doing the same with a partner in multiplayer. In fact, if not for these two trophies, the Shift Happens would have received a 1-star rating.

While technically the Platinum can be earned in around 20 hours, the difficulty of the time trials will require much practice, pushing the time to around 60-80 hours depending on skills.

NOTE: The multiplayer can either be played online, or couch co-op which will require a second controller.

Start by playing through both the single and multiplayer levels, while going for the bonus objectives as well as collecting all the coins in each. The single player has 32 levels to complete, while the multiplayer has a different set of 41 levels. It’s up to you which you do first, entirely dependent on whether you have a partner or not at the time. The multiplayer can be played couch co-op with a second controller, or online.

All levels in both single and multiplayer mode are divided into four stages: the laboratory, the forest, the canyon, and the grotto. Each stage has four trophies to unlock, one for completing each the single and multiplayer versions, then one for completing each while also collecting all the coins and completing the bonus objectives.

Once that’s done, it’s time to get all the miscellaneous trophies. Most of these, if not all, can either be obtained in either single player, or multiplayer with two controllers and just one player. Some of these may have naturally unlocked already. Be sure to check out the Shift Happens trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you still need, and their requirements.

Finally, it’s time for the time trials. This is where the difficulty really cranks up. Completing all 32 singleplayer levels under their respective time limits will unlock the Retry, Retry…And Retry trophy, and completing all 41 multiplayer levels under their time limits will unlock the Don’t Be Mad At Your Friend trophy. Between the two, the multiplayer time trials are arguably easier, provided that you have a good partner. The single player time trials, however, leave very little room for error. This will require a lot of patience, and practice, practice, practice.

If you manage to complete the time trials, then congratulations! You’ve earned yourself a well deserved Platinum trophy.

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