Metal Slug Anthology Trophy Guide

Metal Slug Anthology Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A side-scrolling action shooter a compilation of Metal Slug 1-6 and X. Using a second controller trick, the Platinum is both quick and under-average difficult.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Metal Slug Anthology * 29 Terminal Reality U.S. 20 1 7 0 0

Metal Slug Anthology

Metal Slug Anthology is a compilation of the Metal Slug games 1-6, as well as Metal Slug X, unaltered from their originals except for HD graphics and trophy support added. The games are run and gun side-scrollers in which players fire at a constant stream of enemies, making their way to the boss of each level. Aside from using melee attacks and a variety of different weapons, players can find tanks known as Super Vehicles. Players also run into POWs which, when freed, can offer bonuses such as weapons or random items.

Set in the future, the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force are sent to stop the evil General Morden and his rebel army from taking over the world.

Metal Slug Anthology received positive reviews with an average score of 78%, praised for its high action and nostalgic fun.

This would have been a 3-star rating, if not for a second controller trick. As a result, the game and its trophies are average in terms of difficulty, but the Platinum can be earned quite quickly – as long as the second controller trick is implemented. Also, there are no missable nor online trophies to worry about.

If using the second controller trick, the Platinum can be earned in under 10 hours. Playing this legitimately will take far, far longer.

Start by playing through each of the games. If you want to make things easier, head into Game Options and set the difficulty to Easy, and set the continues to Free Play.

There are a number of miscellaneous trophies related to each of the games which you can go for now, if you wish. Be sure to check out the details on each from the Metal Slug Anthology trophy guide links under our Links tab. However, you can always go back and get them later if you wish to simply play through the games first.

Once you’ve finished each of the games and gotten all the miscellaneous trophies, it’s time to replay each of them again, this time using only 5 continues for their respective trophy. Doing this legitimately is very challenging. However, there is a technique you can use with a second controller.

Have a second controller activated. Once you lose your life with the Player 1, press Start by touching the right side of the touch-pad on the second controller. Now, you’ll be able to play as Player 2. When Player 2 dies, do the same on the first controller to play as Player 1 again. Just make sure to hit Start before the timer runs out, and you’ll be able to complete each game without needing a Continue.

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