Volume Trophy Guide

Volume Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A stealth game by the same indie developer that created Thomas Was Alone. If following a guide, the Platinum can be earned after one playthrough and some mopping-up afterwards via level select.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Volume * 25 Mike Bithell Games U.K. 10 6 8 0 0


Volume is a stealth-based game by the indie developer Mike Bithell Games who created the PSN title Thomas Was Alone. Players use strategy to plan their movements without being detected by guards, automated security turrets, and dogs, across 100 levels. The game also includes a level-editor which allows players to create and upload their own levels that can be shared online.

Robert Locksley is a thief that discovers the "Volume" device which simulates heists. The device's internal AI named Alan assists Robert in simulating high-profile crimes.

Volume received positive reviews with an average score of 78%, praised for its fun challenge and intriguing story, though criticized by some for its poor AI design.

While tricky at times, and there are a number of collectibles to find, the Platinum is overall fairly easy and quick to unlock. Requires one full playthrough, with some mopping up afterwards.

Expect roughly 6-7 hours of gameplay to unlock the Platinum.

NOTE: The Q trophy is unlockable due to a glitch, unless the 1.01 patch is installed.

You'll first want to go through and complete all 100 core story levels. This may sound like a lot, but many of them can be finished in less than two minutes. During this playthrough, be sure to find and read every text, to unlock the Lore Of The Things trophy. Follow one of the collectible guides under our Links tab for assistance. Since the game doesn't keep track of the texts, it can be rather frustrating to find the ones you may have missed.

You should also have used most of the gadgets by the time you reach the end of the game, in order to obtain the Q trophy. Make sure you've downloaded the 1.01 patch before starting, otherwise the this trophy is glitched and won't unlock.

After that, it's simply a matter of mopping up anything you're still missing via the level select. Be sure to check out the Volume trophy guide links under our Links page to see what you need and their requirements.