Mortal Kombat X Trophy Guide

Mortal Kombat X Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A fighting game and sequel to the 2011 Mortal Kombat. While the offline trophies are more time-consuming than difficult, the online trophies are quite challenging without boosting.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Mortal Kombat X *** 61 NetherRealm Studios U.S. 54 5 1 21 13

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is a fighting game and the tenth installment in the Mortal Kombat series which began in the arcades in 1992, and is a sequel to the 2011 Mortal Kombat. The game includs several modes, such as Story mode, Tower mode with changing challenges, online modes, and Krypt mode which plays in a first-person perspective. The game features 24 characters, including a number of new members added to the roster.

Twenty-five years after the defeat of Shinnok, a civil war has broken out in Outworld between emperor Kotal Kahn, and the former empress Mileena who has in her possession Shinnok's amulet. Johnny puts together a team of fighters to head into the Outworld to resolve the civil war.

Mortal Kombat X received positive reviews with an average score of 84%, praised for its gameplay, presentation, engaging story, and for being an overall entertaining fighting game, though criticized by some for online technical issues.

With 60 trophies to unlock before getting the Platinum, you can imagine there is a lot to do. The majority of the offline trophies are of average difficulty, requiring a fair bit of time and some skill. The online trophies, however, is what brings this score of a high 3-star rating, for challenges like winning 10 ranked matches in a row. Many of these difficult online trophies can be boosted, which could bring this score down to a low 3-star or even high 2-star, depending on your skills. However, if you choose to boost, keep in mind that the online servers are region-locked, which means you'll need to find a boosting partner in your region.

Expect roughly 40-60 hours of gameplay, depending on your skills and whether or not you boost the online trophies.

Like many fighting games, a roadmap isn't really required for Mortal Kombat X. However, if you're in the need for some direction, you can start with the Story mode, which can be played and completed on any difficulty level. Doing so should unlock at least five trophies, including the There Is A Ruler trophy for completing the Story mode. You may unlock a few miscellaneous trophies along the way, as well.

Next, you can mop-up some of those miscellaneous trophies in offline mode which shouldn't take much time to do. These include Hit The Dojo for entering Practice mode, Jump Ship for becoming a member of every faction, or Back It Up for equipping a background image. There are also a number of trophies you can easily unlock through the use of a second controller. Check out the Mortal Kombat X trophy guide links under our Links tab for more details.

Eventually you'll want to start obtaining the more grinding trophies, such as reaching level 50 in any faction for the Faction Champion trophy, playing every character variation for the Well Rounded trophy, or performing 100 fatalities in matches for the Straight Power trophy. Again, check out the Mortal Kombat X trophy guide links for more details. Most of these trophies are not difficult, only time consuming.

At any point, you can start on the online trophies, to which there are 21 in total. Some of these are quick and easy, some of these are grinding, and a few are rather difficult without boosting. If you're looking for a boosting partner, check out the boosting forums under our Links tab. Keep in mind that the online servers are region-locked, which means if you're playing in the North American region, you'll need a boosting partner who is also in North America.

Lastly, it should be noted that the Invasion mode is only available for 24 hours every few days, so you may wish to work on Invasion mode related trophies whenever you have the chance. This includes playing a Boss fight for the Stay Back trophy, completing an Invasion Tower for the Invasion trophy, winning an Invasion 1v1 battle for the Can't Stop This trophy, and dealing a total of 1,000 hits during an Invasion boss fight for the Die Will You trophy. The 1,000 hits are accumulative, so just keep working on it and you'll eventually get it.

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