My Name is Mayo Trophy Guide

My Name is Mayo Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * Β Perhaps the easiest and quickest Platinum trophy ever. Simply hit the X button a number of times, while occasionally changing the Mayo jar’s costumes. Takes less than 30 minutes.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
My Name is Mayo * 51 Green Lava Studios Costa Rica 46 0 4 0 0

My Name is Mayo

My Name is Mayo is about a jar of mayonnaise. Players tap the jar using the finger of a disembodied hand. Tapping it a set number of times unlocks costumes for the jar, as well as several short stories.

My Name is Mayo received widely mixed reviews among a few online critics, with an average score of 62%, praised by some for being an artistic achievement in gaming, while also labeled as a hilarious joke, and even a satire, while others criticized it for being pointless and accused of being a cash-grab.

If you thought Hannah Montana or Megamind were easy Platinums, get ready for perhaps the easiest - and quickest - of them all. My Name is Mayo simply involves hitting a jar of mayonnaise by pressing the X button over and over, while occasionally changing up the jar's costume. That's it. We're not kidding.

The Platinum can be earned in roughly 30 minutes. We're not kidding about that, either.

It should be noted that you can tap quicker by using both the X button and the touch pad alternately.

Start things off by simply hitting the Mayo Jar 75 times. This will not only unlock your first three trophies, but your first costume - the Red Bikini.

Use the Triangle button to open the Menu and select the Red Bikini. From here on out, focus on unlocking each of the costume-related trophies. Check out the My Name is Mayo trophy guide links under our Links tab for details. Each of these trophies requires hitting the Mayo Jar a certain number of times while wearing a particular costume. This will also unlock the next costume for the next trophy. Just work your way through the costumes and their respective trophies until they're all completed.

Finally, just keep hitting the Mayo Jar until you reach the ultimate number of 10,000 taps. This should unlock the remaining trophies, as well as the platinum.

And that's it!

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