NatGeo Quiz Wild Life Trophy Guide

NatGeo Quiz Wild Life Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A quiz game based on content from National Geographic, with over 5,000 questions to test your wild life knowledge. The Platinum trophy is more time-consuming than difficult, with plenty of grinding required.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
NatGeo Quiz! Wild Life ** 41 Gusto Games U.K. 23 14 3 0 7

NatGeo Quiz! Wild Life

NatGeo Quiz! Wild Life, also known as Nat Geo Challenge Wild Life in North America, is a quiz game based on content from National Geographic. The game includes over 5,000 questions under four quiz themes: Aquatic Life, Dangerous Encounters, Amazing Planet, and Predator vs. Prey, in 15 different quiz types. The game is available for up to four players locally.

NatGeo Quiz! Wild Life received lukewarm reviews with an average score of 63%, praised for its vast number of quiz questions and content, and its stunning images, but criticized by some for dull puzzles and topics limited to nature.

NatGeo Quiz! Wild Life can be played on Easy mode, and even then, you have the chance to pause the game and look up the answers on the internet. Only the "what do you see" questions, and a few puzzle games may be tricky at times. But for the most part, the 2-star difficulty is more for time required than any trivia-knowledge or skill, as you'll need to grind through to earn 50 wins at least twice.

NOTE: You will need a second controller for some of the trophies.

Before we begin, it's highly recommended you use a second controller whenever you can, as it will make your playthrough towards the 50 quiz wins and 50 Stat Attax wins easier by being able to control the second player and answering questions incorrectly.

We recommend beginning with the Stat Attax mode. This is because there are only a few cards available at the moment, but playing through other modes will unlock more, causing the time required to win Stat Attax longer. Your ultimate goal here is to grind towards 50 wins for the Top Stat Attacker trophy, which will also earn you the Stat Attax Novice trophy for getting one win, and Stat Attacker trophy for 25 wins along the way. During your 50 win grind, you should also work on unlocking the Full House, Tie Breaker, and Lost 5 trophies.

Next, you can move onto Quiz mode. Here, we'll need to do more 50 multi-team quiz win grinding for the Quiz Master trophy, which will also earn you the You're Good trophy for 25 wins and Common Knowledge trophy for 10 wins along the way. You should also unlock Family Time, What Competition, and Brain Box during your grind for playing with multiple players. This can still be done with only two controllers. Playing on Quiz mode is also where you'll want to unlock the That's Easy and Quiz Genius trophies, as well as General Knowledge, Team Work, and the Mega Score trophies.

Next, it's time for Quest mode. Your main focus should be unlocking The Big 50 trophy, which requires a perfect score of 10 out of 10 in 50 episodes without retrying. You can still pause the game to check your answers online. With this out of the way, simply mop-up any other quest mode related trophies you still need.

The last set of trophies are related to the Puzzles, to which there are 68 of them that require completion. After that, simply mop-up anything you might still be missing, and enjoy your new Platinum.