PlayStation Plus Free Games June 2024

Summer is nearly upon us, and for some that might mean summer holidays are approaching as well. For those of us not planning on leaving the house, Sony will be giving us something to do. And so, there is the PlayStation Plus Free Games June 2024 line-up which will be available for download on Tuesday, June 4.

First, there is SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake, last year’s 3D platformer developed by Purple Lamp, and based on the Nickelodeon animated series Spongebob SquarePants. Players control to optimistic yellow sponge and, along with his pal Patrick, take on an adventure through multiple realities called “Wish Worlds” in order to save both their friends and the town Bikini Bottom.

Next, those of you who prefer a little more physical action, there’s AEW Fight Forever, last year’s professional wrestling game developed by Yuke’s, and based on the All Elite Wrestling. This is a more arcade-style wrestling game than a simulation, including several match types such as singles, tag team, Casino Battle Royale, and Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch. The game includes both a career mode, as well as online play.

Lastly, for those of you who prefer punching than grabbing, there’s Streets of Rage 4, a side-scrolling beat ‘em up developed by Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games. The game continues the original SEGA Streets of Rage trilogy, in which up to four players scroll through levels while taking on waves of enemies.

All three PlayStation Plus Free Games June 2024 titles have a platinum trophy to unlock. Also, while both SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake and AEW Fight Forever are available for both the PS4 and PS5, Streets of Rage 4 is only for the PS4.

Among these titles, the platinum for SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake is arguably the easiest to obtain, as well as the quickest. Despite needing two playthroughs for each level, the platinum can be unlocked in around 15-20 hours.

Next, getting the platinum on AEW Fight Forever is below-average difficulty as well. Also, despite the game having online play, there are no online trophies to worry about. Due to some grinding, expect around 30 hours to unlock the platinum.

Lastly, getting the platinum on Streets of Rage 4 is no easy task. This is mainly due to needing an S-rank on each mission on Hard mode. The platinum can take anywhere between 35-50 hours, depending on your skills.