Final Fantasy VII Remake Trophy Guide

Final Fantasy VII Remake Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** A third-person action RPG and remake of the 1997 game first released on the PlayStation One. The Platinum is of average difficulty, but quite time consuming.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Final Fantasy VII Remake *** 54 Square Enix Business Division 1 Japan 44 7 2 0 0

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake is an action RPG and a retelling of the original 1997 Final Fantasy VII. While the game mostly follows the same story, characters, dialogue, and music from the 1997 original, the graphics have been completely redone, and the battle system has changed to a hybrid of real-time action and strategic RPG elements, similar to the fighting system in Final Fantasy XV.

Set in Midgar, a dystopian metropolis, Soldier turned mercenary Cloud Strife has joined Avalanche, an eco-terrorist group attempting to stop the Sinra megacorporation from using up the planet’s life force. As cloud embarks on missions for money, he soon sympathizes with Avalanche’s cause as well as its members, leading him to face a deadly nemesis from his past.

Final Fantasy VII Remake received positive reviews with an average score of 89%, praised for its re-imagining of the original game while remaining true to its roots, new combat system, colorful characters, beautiful graphics, and for being overall superior to its original.

The difficulty is relatively average, although you will need to put in a fair number of hours into obtaining the Platinum, hence the 3-star rating. There are no missable trophies to worry about, as a chapter select allows you to go back and mop-up anything you are missing. Two full playthroughs are required, one on either Easy or Normal, and a second on Hard mode.

Expect around 70-80 hours for the Platinum.

In the beginning, you have the option of playing on Easy or Normal. The former will make the gameplay quicker, while the latter will better prepare you for your Hard playthrough, so the choice is yours. You will need to complete the game on any mode in order to unlock Hard mode.

There are no missable trophies to worry about, so feel free to play at your leisure towards the end of the game. If you wish to avoid much backtracking however, we recommend completing all 24 available side quests, and find all 31 music discs for the Disc Jockey trophy.

After you finished your first playthrough, it’s time to use the chapter select and mop up anything you missed. This will include the Best In The Business trophy for completing all the side quests, as you will need to replay Chapter 9 and make different choices that allow you to complete the previously missed quests. In addition to Chapter 9, you will also need to replay both Chapter 3 and Chapter 8 in order to unlock the different bridal dresses for the Dressed To The Nines trophy. Check out the Final Fantasy VII Remake trophy guide links under our Links tab for more details, as well as which trophies you still may need and their requirements.

Keep in mind, however, that you will still need to replay the game on Hard mode, where you can complete the missing quests as well as obtain three of the nine bridal outfits, if you wish to avoid much backtracking. Lastly, it’s time for your playthrough on Hard mode. Here, enemies have more health and deal more damage. In addition, you will be unable to use items, and MP cannot be regenerated by resting on a bench nor through completing quests. Make sure to come prepared, such as having useful material maxed out, and acquiring the Gotterdammerung accessory which, when equipped to Cloud, will make things much easier. Hard mode can be selected from the chapter select, though the entire chapter must be played on Hard for it to count.

During this playthrough, remember to complete the missed quests in Chapter 9 and make different choices in order to view the final three bridal dresses, if you haven’t done so already. Completing the game on Hard mode will unlock the Hardened Veteran trophy, and if you’ve been following this roadmap, the Platinum trophy as well.

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