Yesterday Origins Trophy Guide

Yesterday Origins Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * Β A point-and-click adventure and sequel to the 2012 game Yesterday. If following a walkthrough, the Platinum can be unlocked in just a few, easy hours.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Yesterday Origins * 37 Pendulo Studios Spain 16 17 3 0 0

Yesterday Origins

Yesterday Origins is a point-and-click adventure and sequel to the 2012 Yesterday. Like most games in this genre, players interact with other characters, find and use items, and solve puzzles in order to progress through the story. The narrative switches between between the present and various moments in history.

John Yesterday has acquired immortality through a dark ritual during the Spanish Inquisition, but has been cursed with the loss of his memories whenever he dies. With the help of his girlfriend Pauline, he must find a way to break the curse.

Yesterday Origins received positive reviews with an average score of 73%, praised for its unique and engaging story, presentation, and visuals, though criticized for its controls and some technical issues.

If you've played any point-and-click adventure games before, then you should have a good idea how easy these Platinums can be if following a walkthrough. It's possible to get all the trophies in one playthrough, though a second speedrun may be required which will only add a couple hours. Overall, with a good walkthrough to follow, this is a quick and easy Platinum.

Expect around 5-7 hours if following a walkthrough, and depending whether or not you need an extra speedrun playthrough.

First, it should be noted that there are two missable trophies. The I Can See Everything trophy for playing through the game without skipping any cinematics, and the Run Immortal Run trophy for completing the game in four hours and ten minutes. All other missed trophies can be unlocked through a chapter select. So if you wish to simply play the game and enjoy it without a walkthrough, you certainly can. Then use the chapter select for the remaining trophies.

However, if you're in a rush for that Platinum, then be sure to check out one of the Yesterday Origins trophy guide links under our Links tab to get familiar with the trophies, and follow one of the walkthroughs. The 100% trophy walkthrough by themindisacity under our Links tab is especially useful and easy to follow, which will help you unlock most, if not all, the trophies in one go.

The only trophy you may miss is the Run Immortal Run trophy for the four hour speedrun, since you'll need to watch all the cutscenes for the I Can See Everything trophy. It's possible to get both of these, but you'll be cutting it a little close. Remember to pause the game whenever you need to read or look up something in the walkthrough, as pausing will stop the counter.

If you managed to get all the trophies minus the Run Immortal Run, then you'll need to do another playthrough. This time however, you can skip all the cutscenes and race through, finishing the game in only about two hours.

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