7 Days To Die Trophy Guide

7 Days to Die trophy guide

Difficulty: **** A survival horror, crafting game. Player-kill trophies are difficult without a boosting partner.


7 Days to Die Trophy Guide

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
7 Days to Die **** 44 The Fun Pimps U.S. 32 8 3 0 4


7 Days To Die

7 Days To Die is a crafting game with survival horror elements in an open world, similar in style to Minecraft. Players can create and lay down blocks of wood, which can be upgraded to stronger materials, in an effort to either improve an existing home or build one from scratch, as well as lay traps, craft a variety of weapons, food, drinks, and medicines. Players can upgrade their character to improve skills and acquire new crafting recipes, all while fending off hoards of zombies. The game also includes online multiplayer with up to four players.

Taking place in the fictional location of Navezgane, Arizona, the player-character awakens as a survivor of a nuclear war. The player-character must survive by finding food, shelter, and water, while fighting against zombies. Every seventh night, a hoard of zombies will hunt the player-character.

7 Days To Die, despite being a commercial success, received unfavorable reviews, with an average score of 43%. The game was praised for its variety in crafting and imaginative idea to the survival genre, though criticized for its graphics and drab presentation.

Due to a trophy requirement of having to kill 2,500 online players, 7 Days To Die is a 4-star rating, as it's extremely difficult to complete this legitimately. However, if you have a boosting partner, than the rating could be brought down to a 3-star. The remaining trophies are not super challenging, only very time consuming with some grinding required.

Expect 80-100 hours for the platinum with a boosting partner and following a 7 Days to Die trophy guide, and far more if without.

If you're new to the game or crafting genre, and you haven't watched any videos on how to play the game, you may first want to start a single player game as a rehearsal, in order to get a feel for what you need to do, how to fight the zombies, and what to expect on the Hoard Night which comes every seven days.

Once you feel you're ready, start a new single-player game and survive as long as you can. Your main objective will be to survive for 1,250 minutes for the Nearly Immortal trophy, while also reaching 200 in Wellness for The Picture Of Good Health trophy, and getting a score of 1,000 for the Survivalist trophy by basically killing 1,000 zombies.

Along the way, you can also work towards killing 2,500 zombies for The Funeral Director trophy, and travelling 1,000 km for the Neil Armstrong trophy - to which we highly recommend crafting yourself a minibike. Also, be sure to do some mining not only for materials, but to reach at least three blocks down to bedrock for the Dig Deep trophy, and find parts to construct the 44 magnum to get your 44 zombie kills for the Dirty Larry trophy.

Once you've gotten the Nearly Immortal, The Picture Of Good Health, and Survivalist trophies out of the way, it's safe for you to die. From here, (or you can start a new game on a separate save) make yourself a bedroll and carry it towards the radioactive area (appears red on your map). Drop it before dying, so that each time you re-spawn, you will die again in a few seconds. Rinse and repeat until you've died 500 times and unlocked the Meet Your Maker trophy. Note: If you're boosting online for the 2,500 player-kill trophy, than you can skip this step.

After that, simply mop-up any other miscellaneous single-player trophies that may remain.

All that should be left now, are the Napoleon, Julius Ceasar, Genghis Khan, and Alexander The Great trophies for having killed 10, 100, 500, and 2,500 players. The easiest way to do this is to find yourself a boosting partner and take turns killing each other. There is also a way to get this in single-player split-screen by using anything explosive, such as explosive arrows, which WILL kill the other player. The third option is to simply join random online games, try to find the other players, and kills them. Though realistically, you'll be lucky to get a single kill in before the host eventually shuts down the game. Be sure to check out the 7 Days to Die trophy guides in our Links page for any trophies you still may be missing and what their requirements are. Good luck!

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