Beatles: Rock Band Trophy Guide

Beatles: Rock Band Trophy Guide

Difficulty: **** Arguably more difficult than other Rock Band titles, with 100% Expert and full band requirements.


Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Beatles: Rock Band **** 51 Harmonix U.S. 34 15 1 0 0


Beatles: Rock Band

Beatles: Rock Band is a music video game centered on the British rock group The Beatles. Players simulate playing songs by using instrument-inspired controllers, selecting between playing a guitar, bass guitar, drums, or singing on a mic. Similar to previous Rock Band games, players hit correct notes in sequence to earn points, as well as boost their performance meter. The game includes 45 Beatles songs, and features virtual characters of the four Beatles members throughout their musical history.

Beatles: Rock Band received positive reviews with an average score of 89%, praised for its enlightening career mode, visuals, presentation, and won several Video Game Awards in 2009.

This game is arguably more difficult than Rock Band 2, mainly due to the number of Trophies which require 100% on Expert for specific songs, as well as Trophies that need a full band, which means either inviting friends over who have some serious skills, or boosting online. Of course, if you already have high skills on all instruments, the difficulty level could be brought down.

Expect roughly 80-100 hours, though this is heavily skill-dependent.

Provided that you have all the instruments, you can start with the Tutorials. Not only will this help you train and learn the mechanics of the game if you're new to the series, but will also unlock the Let's Get Some Levels, Doing The Best That You Can!, and The Teachers Who Taught Me WERE Cool trophies.

Next, you can head into the story mode. If possible, you'll want to focus on completing it in under 24 hours to unlock the Day Tripper trophy. If you fail to get this, you'll need to start again. Along the way, you should also unlock a number of story-related trophies, as well as a few miscellaneous ones.

Once the story mode is complete, you should have unlocked all the Chapter Challenges. Finishing all eight will unlock the Mr. K Will Challenge The World trophy, and getting full star ratings will also unlock the Toppermost Of The Poppermost trophy.

From this point on, simply work on whatever's remaining and what you can do. There are a number of trophies for completing specific songs on Expert with 100%, as well as some that require full bands. These will be the tougher trophies on your road to the Platinum. Be sure to check the Beatles: Rock Band trophy guide links under our Links tab, as well as the boosting forums if you're looking for a full band.

Good luck!