Rock Band 4 Trophy Guide

Rock Band 4 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ****  A music rhythm game that simulates playing in a rock band using instrument-styled controllers. While the Platinum is slightly easier than previous titles in the series, it still demands some serious skills.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Rock Band 4 **** 51 Harmonix U.S. 40 8 2 0 11

Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4 is a music rhythm game which allows players to simulate playing music through the use of instrument-inspired controllers, selecting between playing a guitar, bass guitar, drums, or singing on a mic. It is the fourth major installment in the Rock Band series following Harmonix's three-year hiatus, and the first to be released on eighth generation consoles.

The game allows for backwards compatibility with both content and hardware from previous Rock Band titles, so players may use their PlayStation3 instrument controllers on the PlayStation 4, as well as download any previously purchased DLC songs, as well as ported from previous Rock Band titles. Like the earlier games in the series, Rock Band 4 includes a Career Mode, as well as the ability to connect and play online. The game includes a total of 65 songs on disc, ranging from popular titles of the 1960's to the 2010's.

Rock Band 4 received positive reviews with an average score of 78%, praised for its party-friendly and online improvements, its return to the core roots of the game series, and overall fun, though criticized for possessing lesser-known songs in its soundtrack.

The Platinum for Rock Band 4 is slightly easier than previous games in the series, due to the omission of an Endless Setlist trophy, as well as less instrument-specific trophies. However, players will still need to earn 5 Stars on every song in Expert mode, as well as complete a few other challenging trophies on the road to the Platinum, which demand some serious skills. This is the reason for the 4-star difficulty. However, players who already have these skills through experience on the previous Rock Band games, may find this game to be a 3-star.

Expect roughly 100 hours for the Platinum, though this is heavily dependent on your skills.

Before we begin, it should be noted that having the No Fail settings on will NOT disable trophies, so feel free to use it if you wish.

The first thing you should do is calibrate your system to prevent any lag between your instrument controllers and TV. This will also unlock your first trophy, Tune Up.

Next, you can start on your musical career in Career Mode. Like other games in the Rock Band series, you'll begin playing in a run-down hall in your hometown. Continue playing gigs, earn fans and money, until you can travel the country as a rock star. During this stage, you'll unlock a number of story-related trophies, as well as a few others. Make sure to complete both a request and encore for the Yeah, We Know That One trophy and Thank You, Good Night trophy respectively, as well as playing gigs outside the main story to work towards the Road Hard trophy.

After that, it's time to mop-up everything that's left. Be sure to check out the Rock Band 4 trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what's remaining and their requirements. This will mostly likely include the Rock Band Immortal trophy for earning 5 Stars on every song in Expert on an instrument of your choosing, and the Living Room Legend trophy for earning Gold Stars on 30 songs.

Apart from that, there are a number of instrument-related trophies. The Going Solo, Don't Shred On Me, Fast Learner, Ol' Fancy Fingers McGranahn, and All Tapped Out trophies need to be done on the guitar. The In The Pocket trophy will need to be unlocked on the bass guitar. The Just For Kicks and Filling Out Nicely trophies are for the drums. And the Off The Charts, Wingin' It, Give It A Rest, Pitch Session, and Serious Pipes trophies need to be unlocked on the mic.

Finally, while there are no online specific trophies, there are some which require more than one player - and in some cases, a full band. These can be unlocked by either inviting your friends over and handing them an instrument controller, or going online. Specifically, the Smooth Competitors trophy must be done with a full 4-player band, and the Case In Points is easier to unlock with a full band. Other than that, the trophies Locked In, Stage Presents, Creative Differences, I Regret Nothing, and I Told You I Hated This One require at least two players. If you're looking for people to play with, check out the Boosting Forums under our Links tab.

Rock on!

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LEGO Rock Band Trophy Guide

LEGO Rock Band Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A music rhythm game and part of the Rock Band series, playing in a band of LEGO characters. While the majority of the trophies are quite easy, only a single trophy marks this Platinum challenging.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
LEGO Rock Band *** 50 Harmonix U.S. 37 10 2 0 0

LEGO Rock Band

Similar to the other Rock Band games, you design your Lego character and band, and work your way along a career path towards becoming a Lego rock star. Along the way, you'll use your music powers to help people out, such as battling ghosts or tearing down a building.

This is the "cute" version of Rock Band (there's even a No-Fail mode for the kiddies). No Metellica or System of a Down here. Instead, you've got Elton John's "Crocodile Rock" and Ray Parker Jr's "Ghostbusters." In fact, some DLC songs, if not approved behind the scenes on the PSN, will not upload to your Lego Rock Band track list.

Collecting the majority of these trophies is much easier and far quicker than Rock Band 2. However, if you're in the habit of checkout out "Players Met" to see their trophies, and happen to find Lego Rock Band, you may notice that many, many people have 97%. Why? Why not the Platinum? Because one trophy - The Final Countdown - is incredibly difficult! You must score 100% on the solo notes to the song The Final Countdown on Expert. The song is fast, with a billion different notes coming at you.

Without this trophy, Lego Rock Band would have received a mere 2-star rating. But this one challenge brings our score up to 3.

Like the other music games, working your way towards the platinum requires skill at the instruments. While we have some tips and links for certain trophies, the majority of them will be earned just by getting "good" at the guitar and drums.

There are two trophies, however - All For One and Practice Makes Perfect - which will require the help of friends. Since there's no online in Lego Rock Band, these two trophies will need three individual human beings to enter your home and pick up the instruments. Both trophies can be acquired on Very Easy mode.

The endless setlist in this game is far easier than Rock Band 2, and only takes up about 2 hours of your time.

The 100% note trophies can be acquired on Very Easy. With the exception of The Final Countdown, which requires a 100% on Expert solo.

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Green Day Rock Band Trophy Guide

Green Day Rock Band Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *****  A music rhythm game and part of the Rock Band franchise, featuring three of the Green Day members’ virtual depictions and their music. A demanding Platinum that requires 100% perfection on several songs on Expert mode.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Green Day: Rock Band ***** 49 Harmonix U.S. 34 12 2 0 0

Green Day: Rock Band

Green Day: Rock band is a music game which utilizes a guitar, drums and microphone controller to simulate playing rock music. It is the fifth console release in the Rock Band series, and features three of the Green Day band members' virtual depictions.

Up to four players can select from four instruments: lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocals on a microphone. Players simulate the performance of music by using the controllers to match scrolling on-screen notes. The game includes 47 tracks from Green Day's career, which includes the full albums of Dookie and American Idiot, as well as 12 tracks from 21st Century Breakdown.

Green Day: Rock Band received positive reviews, with an average score of 74%, praised for its presentation and dedication to Green Day fans, but criticized for a limited selection of venues and being an indistinguishable copy of other Rock Band titles.

It's a given that this game is incredibly time consuming. But the full 5-star difficulty is due to a few select trophies that require 100% perfection on Expert mode. Many have tried, few have succeeded.

For those individuals with insane skills on all instruments, it's possible to collect this Platinum in around 40 hours. But for the average gaming rocker, it will take far longer with plenty of trial and error.

For the most part, like many music games, a road-map isn't all that necessary. Simply play through the career and unlock songs. The majority of the trophies can be earned in Quickplay with specific songs or albums.

The only exception is the Won't Make It For Dinner trophy, which requires you to clear through the entire career within 12 hours as part of a 4-player band. The timing isn't difficult, so long as you're not failing songs, and you can set the mode to Easy if you like. If you don't have three other people to play with, you can easily plug in the other instruments and switch on the No Fail.

Good luck!

Rock Band 2 Trophy Guide

Rock Band 2 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ****  A music rhythm game that simulates playing in a rock band using instrument-styled controllers. The Platinum requires both a lot of time, as well as skills with all instrument types.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Rock Band 2 **** 51 Harmonix U.S. 38 10 2 2 0

Rock Band 2

Rock Band 2 is a music game, inspired by such predecessors as Beatmania and Guitar Hero. After designing a character and band, you begin your career playing in small, seedy bars. As your fame and fortune rises, so too do your possibilities as you take on tours across the globe. Eventually, becoming a rock star.

Like the first Rock Band, you can choose between playing a guitar, bass guitar, drums, or sing on the mic. Invite your friends over to jam, or go online. The game includes 84 new songs, plus (for a fee) you can upload the songs from the previous Rock Band, as well as the tracks in Lego Rock Band, not to mention the thousand of songs available on the PSN.

This game does not require so much time as it does skill. If you've gotten good at the previous Rock Band, then you've got an advantage. Otherwise, you've got some practicing to do. And not just on one instrument, but all of them in order to claim the Platinum.

Anyone can win all the vehicles or play in every part of the world. Many, after much practice, can score 100% notes on each of the instruments. But only the serious professionals can finish the endless setlist on Hard. And finishing the endless setlist on Expert is going above and beyond, requiring a 4-star rating for this game's difficulty.

One advantage these music games have which others don't, is that they're all basically the same. Getting the Platinum in Dead Space does not necessarily guarantee a Platinum in Dead Space 2. However, becoming enough of an expert to acquire the Platinum in Rock Band 2 means you can take on any of the music games - Lego Rock Band, Guitar Hero 5, etc.

While not a simple task, there are easier songs which can help you get 100% notes for each of the instrument trophies. Whether you're a fan of the Beastie Boys or not, the song "So What'cha Want" is your friend. The challenge level does not change much between Easy and Expert. Another recommended song is "Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)" which is a DLC. It may be a little more difficult, but is a very short song.

Having a friend help you with the endless setlists really helps - particularly for Bladder of Steel, which requires you to NEVER fail and NEVER hit pause. The endless setlist takes 6.5 hours to play. If you attempt this on your own, make sure you've got everything ready (snacks, a drink, and you've visited the toilet) and have fresh batteries in your instrument!

For the most part, you just need to become an expert on the instruments - particularly the guitar and drums - and work your way through all the world tours and challenges. Still, we have several links below which give advice on particular trophies and easier song recommendations.

An excellent list of Tips can be found here:

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Rock Band 3 Trophy Guide

Rock Band 3 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *****   A music rhythm game that simulates the role of a musician. Requires not only high skills with each of the basic guitar, bass, mic, and drums, but also the keyboard, pro guitar, and pro drums. Both a difficult and expensive Platinum.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Rock Band 3 ***** 50 Harmonix U.S. 33 15 1 0 0

Rock Band 3

Like its predecessor, Rock Band 3 is a music game in which the player simulates the role of a guitarist, bass player, drummer, singer, and now a keyboarder. Included in this version is the Pro mode - a teaching tool for those who wanted to play a game and learn to play the guitar at the same time.

Rock on!

Thought Rock Band 2 was a challenge? Welcome to Rock Band 3! Not only do you have more instruments to improve your skills on, but this title could quite possibly be considered the most EXPENSIVE Platinum ever. In addition to all the previous instruments, you'll also need a keyboard and Pro Guitar to collect all the trophies.

Not an easy Platinum, by far. And not a cheap one, either.

Music games never seem to be easy. But one thing they all have in common, is each other. If you become a genius with Rock Band 2 and manage to land the platinum, then you can add the platinum to your collection with other music games, including Rock Band 3 (except for Lego Rock Band - regardless what other websites say, that one's a real whopper!)

Essentially, all the trophies can be grouped together into three types. You have the training trophies, one for each Pro instrument. Then there are the Road Challenges, which are similar to those in Rock Band 2 - getting various Overdrives, maintaining long streaks, etc. Finally, a few random challenges, also similar to Rock Band 2 - five staring songs, getting 100% accuracy, etc.

The ease of these trophies will depend on your skills and past experience with other music games. If you've played several before, it shouldn't take you too long to acquire the majority of these, minus the more difficult trophies. If this is your first time - then good luck!

One of the better Trophy Guides was posted by atirador, which includes a few videos for demonstration:

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