Rocket League Trophy Guide

Rocket League Trophy Guide

Rocket League Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** Β Most of the Trophies don’t require much skill, only time. A chunk of them can be unlocked by playing single-player games with no opponents.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Rocket League ** 36 Psyonix U.S. 20 10 5 1 46

Rocket League

Rocket League is a soccer game which uses rocket-powered cars as its players, and is a sequel to the 2008 Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars on the PlayStation 3. The game includes single player Seasons in which players compete against a series of teams for the Championship, as well as a quick-play Exhibition mode where, as of current updates, game rules can be modified. Also included is online multiplayer, which allows PlayStation 4 players to compete with and against players on Windows PC. Each game awards the player with an item that can be used to modify their rocket-car.

Rocket League received positive reviews, with an average score of 86%, praised for its brilliant visuals, controls, its multiplayer, and its overall addictive fun.

This is a pretty low 2-star rating, as most of the trophies just require a bit of time, rather than skill. Ironically, most of the trophies don't require you to play any matches, but instead set up games with just yourself - no opponents - and doing what's required to unlock the trophies. There is one online trophy where you'll need to play a game with a friend, so as long as you don't mind getting social for one game, this platinum is totally doable for any gamer.

The platinum requires around 8-10 hours of gameplay, plus another 4-5 hours left alone with an elastic around the R2 button.

NOTE: Having a second controller - or a PlayStation Vita - will make these trophies much easier to unlock.

Since the trophies in this game can be completed in any order, a roadmap isn't really required. However, we recommend at least starting with the Exhibition-related trophies. Most of these are pretty easy and will get you used to the game and its controls at the same time. Also, if you've downloaded the free Mutators DLC, you can alter the settings and rules which will make some of these trophies even easier to unlock. For example, set the game to 1 Goal Win and continuously win games to earn the Stocked trophy quicker.

It should be noted that the Far Far Away trophy is glitched, though still unlockable. The trophy requires driving a total of 50 km (31 miles) of which the tires on your car will keep track. If you've driven well over 50 km and no trophy, try switching the tires. The trophy will eventually unlock. To make this easier, try tying an elastic around the R2 button to hold it down, and another on the left analog stick so that your car will continuously drive in circles, while setting the Mutators time limit to unlimited.

Once you've gotten most - if not all - the Exhibition-related trophies, you can get the two Practice Drill ones. There are three types of practice drills, and each of them can be played on their easiest setting, which will unlock both the Know The Drill and Drill Sergeant trophies.

Now that you have a fairly good handling of the game and controls, it's time to win the Championship of a Season. You only need one playthrough, competing against random teams and finally winning the Championship, to unlock all the related trophies. Since your AI partner is pretty useless, you'll need to put in some extra effort to win. If at any time you think you'll lose, simply hit Option and select to restart the match. This will not affect the trophies, and save you from having to redo the entire season again.

Last, there is the one online trophy, Barras Bravas, for playing an online game with a friend. An easy way is to just play some online games, send out friend requests, and if accepted, invite them to a game. otherwise, you can check out the boosting forums in our Links page.

After that, simply mop-up anything you might be missing.

Have fun!

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