Rock Band 3 Trophy Guide

Rock Band 3 Trophy Guide

Rock Band 3 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *****   A music rhythm game that simulates the role of a musician. Requires not only high skills with each of the basic guitar, bass, mic, and drums, but also the keyboard, pro guitar, and pro drums. Both a difficult and expensive Platinum.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Rock Band 3 ***** 50 Harmonix U.S. 33 15 1 0 0

Rock Band 3

Like its predecessor, Rock Band 3 is a music game in which the player simulates the role of a guitarist, bass player, drummer, singer, and now a keyboarder. Included in this version is the Pro mode - a teaching tool for those who wanted to play a game and learn to play the guitar at the same time.

Rock on!

Thought Rock Band 2 was a challenge? Welcome to Rock Band 3! Not only do you have more instruments to improve your skills on, but this title could quite possibly be considered the most EXPENSIVE Platinum ever. In addition to all the previous instruments, you'll also need a keyboard and Pro Guitar to collect all the trophies.

Not an easy Platinum, by far. And not a cheap one, either.

Music games never seem to be easy. But one thing they all have in common, is each other. If you become a genius with Rock Band 2 and manage to land the platinum, then you can add the platinum to your collection with other music games, including Rock Band 3 (except for Lego Rock Band - regardless what other websites say, that one's a real whopper!)

Essentially, all the trophies can be grouped together into three types. You have the training trophies, one for each Pro instrument. Then there are the Road Challenges, which are similar to those in Rock Band 2 - getting various Overdrives, maintaining long streaks, etc. Finally, a few random challenges, also similar to Rock Band 2 - five staring songs, getting 100% accuracy, etc.

The ease of these trophies will depend on your skills and past experience with other music games. If you've played several before, it shouldn't take you too long to acquire the majority of these, minus the more difficult trophies. If this is your first time - then good luck!

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