Grand Theft Auto IV Trophy Guide

Grand Theft Auto IV Trophy Guide

Grand Theft Auto IV Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***** Β A third-person action title taking place in the open-world of Liberty City. An incredibly time-consuming Platinum with plenty to do and challenges to accomplish, not to mention the online trophies.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Grand Theft Auto IV ***** 51 Rockstar North U.K. 40 7 3 10 15

Grand Theft Auto IV

A third-person open world, the game is set in the fictional Liberty City, based heavily on New York City. You play Niko Bellic, a veteran from Eastern Europe who escapes a dark past and decides to pursue the "American Dream" while staying with his cousin Roman who runs a taxi service. Niko soon finds himself involved in a number of adventures, such as assassinating mob bosses, working for a crooked cop, stealing cars, and shooting pigeons.

the game has received outstanding reviews by numerous gaming magazines, particularly for its incredible detail - such as the vast soundtrack playable on any radio, and TV programs with commercials to watch. GTA IV was also the subject of controversy - particularly in the United States - and only edited versions were available in Australia and New Zealand.

Definitely not a game for the kiddies.

The trophies in this game will take hours and hours of playing time. The single-player mode alone has challenges which are either extremely hard, or extremely time consuming. The game is long, the city is massive, and will require two playthroughs just to collect all the offline trophies.

Then there's the online, with enough challenges to keep you plenty busy. Still not satisfied? Well, don't worry. Because they've even released some DLC with more trophies to earn! Yay!

GTA IV is definitely one of the most difficult and time-consuming Platinums to acquire for any game on the PlayStation 3. But definitely a platinum to be proud of.

It's recommended that you perform every possible challenge on your first playthrough. That way, you can quickly breeze through the story on your second, in order to obtain Liberty City Minute, which requires the game to be completed in under 30 hours.

Also, on your first playthrough, make sure that besides having completed all the missions in the story, that you've also done the Assassination missions, Little Jacob's Jobs, Brucie's Exotic Export, Brucie's Street Races, Stevie's Text Message Cars, Most Wanted, Vigilante, unlocked all the friend's special abilities, taken all your friends to all available activities, met all 10 random pedestrians, won each activity's game at least once, killed all the pigeons, completed all the Stunt Jumps, and all your friends like you above 80%. Whew! This will grant you the Key To The City trophy.

Once that's all done, you can play the game through again, focusing just on the story. Finish it under 30 hours, and you've unlocked Liberty City Minute. Then you just have to worry about the online trophies.

Since the game's release in Spring of 2008, Rockstar has released several DLC, the latest being The Ballad of Gay Tony, released late October of 2009. DLC means people are still playing online, which means still a chance to obtain the trophies.

Added Note: For the Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie trophy, you don't need to kill a Rockstar developer online. Simply kill, or be killed, by anyone with this trophy. By now, this one's quite easy to come by.

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