Grand Theft Auto V Trophy Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Trophy Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *****  A third-person action title taking place in the open-world of San Andreas. The Platinum is as challenging and time-consuming as its previous installment.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Grand Theft Auto V ***** 50 Rockstar North U.K. 40 6 3 17 9

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is a third-person, action game set in an open world, and a sequel to the successful Grand Theft Auto IV released in 2008. Players switch between three players as they explore the vast city of fictional San Andreas, based on Southern California. An online multiplayer mode includes up to 16 players for both co-operative and competitive gameplay.

Michael De Santa, also known as Michael Townley, is a retired criminal with a family, all of whom are placed in a witness protection agency. Returning to a life of crime, he meets Franklin Clinton, a member of the Chamberlain Gangster Families with high ambitions. While planning an illegal goods smuggling, Michael meets with Trevor Philips, a high-tempered criminal with a dark past. The three playable characters decide to work together in planning six large heists around the fictional city of Los Santos.

Grand Theft Auto V had been highly anticipated after the huge critical and commercial success of its prequel. GTA5 became one of the highest-selling titles across seventh-generation consoles, as well as winning numerous Video Game Awards, with an average score of 97% for its vast detailed world, exciting action and storyline, and overall fun.

If you've even attempted to Platinum Grand Theft Auto IV, then you'll have a good idea how much time will be involved in completing its sequel. Complete the story and gather the 6 missable trophies along the way, use the free roaming afterwards to finish all the side missions and mop-up everything you need for 100% completion, then head online and grab those multiplayer trophies for the Platinum.

Sound easy? Well, the trophies aren't particularly difficult for an average gamer. But the time required, and the effort you'll have to put into GTA5 is massive. The main story alone is extremely long, with 69 missions to perform. And that's the easy part.

Set all your other games aside, quit your day job, and put in - at bare minimum - 300 hours into this game if you hope for the Platinum.

For the most part, you can start up the game and make your way through the 69 main story missions, until you've completed your playthrough. The side missions, which will need to be finished to get 100%, can be done in free-roam after finishing the story. However, there are 6 missable trophies which you'll need to collect during your playthrough, otherwise risk having to restart the game. Four of them - TP Industries Arms Race, Red Mist, Kifflom!, and Three Man Army, can easily become unmissable so long as you select "Option C" when given the choice. However, Altruist Acolyte and Wanted: Alive Or Alive require a bit more effort, as there are limited opportunities to claim these two trophies. Check out the Grand Theft Auto V trophy guide links under our Links tab for specific details to these missable trophies, and make sure to get them out of the way during your playthrough. Otherwise, simply enjoy the storyline from beginning to end.

Once you've completed the main playthrough, now comes the fun part. Aside from mopping-up, you will need to get 100% completion, which includes participating various activities and challenges, winning medals, etc. To save yourself some trouble, click on the Rockstar Social Club in our Links page to connect your PSN ID, which will provide you with a checklist for all missions and activities you have and have not yet completed.

Once you've finally gathered all the offline trophies, pat yourself on the back for a job well done, then get online to collect the remaining 17 multiplayer trophies. Many of these are not too difficult, only time consuming, with some cutting your time through boosting.

If you've managed to do all that, then you've earned a well-deserved Platinum you can be proud of. Congratulations!

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