LEGO Indiana Jones 2 The Adventure Continues Trophy Guide

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 The Adventure Continues Trophy Guide

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 The Adventure Continues Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * Β An adventure platformer and part of the LEGO game franchise, based on the four Indiana Jones films. Though a few trophies may prove tricky, overall this is an easy Platinum.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues * 39 Traveller’s Tales U.K. 14 22 2 0 0

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues is a platform adventure, and a sequel to the 2008 LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, released back before trophy support was available. LEGO Indiana Jones 2 is a revamp of the previous three cinematic adventures, while also including scenes from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Players control a LEGO figure in scenes related to the four Indiana Jones films. The game also includes two-player co-op with split screen, and a level creator in which players can design their own levels with different objectives.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues received mixed reviews, with an average score of 67%. It has been praised for its lasting appeal and story, but criticized for repetitiveness and lack of online multiplayer to support both the co-op play and level creation.

As other LEGO titles go (other than Rock Band) this one isn't any more or less difficult. One full playthrough with cheats enabled and a walkthrough to find everything, with a few other things go do afterwards and some mopping-up. While there's the odd trophy which may prove a bit frustrating, such as completing the Hanger 51 level in under 5 minutes, and claims that some trophies and the game itself is rather glitchy, this platinum isn't particularly difficult nor time consuming.

Without any problems and if you follow a guide, the Platinum should take around 24 hours to collect.

First, there are a number of cheat codes which you can input during the pause screen, that will make this journey a lot easier, and will NOT disable trophies. The two most useful are the Red Brick cheats which will allow you to score multiplayers, and the Blue Brick cheats which will make you nearly invincible. The list of cheats can be found in our Links page.

With that in mind, start playing the game from beginning to end. The No Defiant Last Words Dr. Jones? trophy requires 100% completion of the game, which means completing all story mode levels, treasure levels, and bonus levels as True Adventurer, as well as completing the super bonus levels, collecting all the green, red and blue bricks for their awards, and unlocking and purchasing all available cars and characters. If you follow one of the walkthroughs or collectible guides under our Links tab, you should be able to do this by the end of your initial playthrough.

Once that chunk of your game playing is out of the way, you can work on getting the Creator hub trophies, which includes getting 100%.

After that, it's simply a matter of mopping-up any last remaining trophies to get that Platinum.