National Geographic Challenge Trophy Guide

National Geographic Challenge Trophy Guide

National Geographic Challenge Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A collection of mini-games divided into quizzes and puzzles based on content from National Geographic. An easy game which only requires around eight hours to unlock the Platinum trophy.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
National Geographic Challenge! * 28 Gusto Games U.K. 8 13 6 0 0

National Geographic Challenge!

National Geographic Challenge! is a quiz and puzzle game, divided into a set of mini-games. Players can either select regions of the world and engage in trivia questions, play a Risk-like puzzle game in Adventurer mode, put together jigsaw puzzles, block puzzles, and sliding puzzle games. The game allows for up to 4 players to compete locally.

National Geographic Challenge! has received very few reviews in general, creating a small average of 62%, praised for its variety of trivia questions and beautiful images brought by National Geographic, but criticized for being mediocre overall.

National Geographic Challenge! is a pretty easy quiz and puzzle game which you can Platinum in less than 8 hours. Many of the puzzles are simple enough to figure out, and the quizzes are divided between Easy and Hard.

NOTE: You will need 3 controllers for the Platinum.

SECOND NOTE: The EU version seems to be experiencing glitches with some of its gold trophies, particularly the On A Roll trophy. However, no problems have been reported with the NA version.

A roadmap isn't really required for this one. But if you're desperate for a sense of direction, we recommend starting with the Explorer portion of the game. Even for the multiplayer trophies, you will only need one controller for this part. Create a two player game, and check out the National Geographic Challenge trophy guide links under our Links tab for specific details on the trophies you can earn in Explorer. These include One Small Step, Dr Livingstone I Presume, Have A Captain Cook, The Grand Tour, Silks And Spices, Voyage Of Discover, The Inca Trail, Hearts And Minds, On A Roll, All For One, and Diversity.

Next, you can move onto the puzzles. Again, you might want to check out the National Geographic Challenge trophy guide links under our Links tab, but basically you'll be playing and unlocking new puzzles. Also, make sure to play at least one two-player game, and have player one win. Here, you can earn Prince Of Puzzles, Jiggery Pokery, Lord Of The Dance, Squared Away, Square Eyes, Slipping And Sliding, and Let It Slide.

Last, are the quizes. This is where you'll need three controllers, to win a Long Quiz for the Bragging Rights trophy. Other trophies will only need one controller, where you can simply mop up whatever you still need for the Platinum.