Up Trophy Guide

Up Trophy Guide

Up Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A platforming adventure with puzzle elements, based on the 2009 animated film of the same name. An easy and rather quick Platinum if following a guide for the collectibles.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Up * 43 Heavy Iron Studios U.S. 33 5 4 0 0


Based on the 2009 Pixar film of the same name, Disney's Up is a third-person platformer in which players solve a series of puzzles and avoid hazards in order to reach each level's goal. The title supports both 2-player co-op, or single player with the ability to switch between the two characters, depending on which abilities are required for each obstacle.

Following the same storyline as the film, Carl and Russel are 'airlifting' Carl's home through the jungles of Venezuela by use of hundreds of balloons, in order to transport it to Paradise Falls. Along the way, they befriend a bird which they name Kevin, who happens to belong to Charles Muntz, who controls an army of dogs and will stop at nothing to get his bird back.

As far as games based on children's animated films, Disney's Up received fairly positive reviews with an average score of 72%, for its creative gameplay and overall level of fun.

Like most games based on children's films, Disney's Up was developed for younger gamers in mind, making the platinum easy to collect. If you follow a guide and find all the collectibles, you'll earn the majority of the trophies in one playthrough, followed by some mopping-up using the chapter select.

Overall, the game is easy to complete and shouldn't take more than 5 or 6 hours to claim the Platinum.

The game contains a series of collectibles, both in terms of specific items, as well as a collection of insect varieties. These collectibles are not difficult to find, but if you wish to avoid accidentally missing any, it's recommended you follow one of the guides in our Links page. Anything you miss, however, can easily be obtained through use of the chapter select, which will also state what items and what insect varieties exist in each particular chapter.

So, for the most part, simply play from beginning to end while finding all the items as well as collecting as many insects as possible. For this reason, unless a certain obstacle requires Carl's abilities, it's best to play as Russel who possesses the net necessary to collect the bugs.

The Teamwork Badge trophy requires you to defeat either the anaconda or crocodile with a second player. This can easily be done with a second controller. The anaconda is defeated in three steps, in which Russel is dangling Carl in front of some electric eels. If you're doing this on your own, simply plug in a second controller and hit Start just before completing the third and final step of the boss battle. The trophy will unlock once the anaconda is defeated.

Once you finish the game, even if you have all the necessary collectibles and insects, you will still need to replay any level at least once, in order to nab the Recycling Badge trophy. Also, for the Beginner's Wing trophy, you needn't actually play a multiplayer game - just simply select it, and the trophy will unlock.

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