Need for Speed Undercover Trophy Guide

Need for Speed Undercover Trophy Guide

Need for Speed Undercover Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A racing game and twelfth in the Need for Speed series. The Platinum is more time consuming and grinding than challenging, though the online trophies are becoming more difficult due to the game’s age.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Need for Speed: Undercover ** 51 EA Black Box Canada 46 1 3 9 0

Need for Speed: Undercover

Need for Speed: Undercover is a racing game, and the twelfth title in the Need for Speed series. Players race in an open world environment, divided into four boroughs, which is open from the beginning, using cars that can be modified. Online multiplayer is also included.

Taking place in the fictional Tri-City, the player controls an undercover police officer taking on jobs and competing in races in order to infiltrate the criminal underground and stop a smuggling syndicate.

Need for Speed: Undercover, despite being a commercial success, received mixed reviews with an average score of 64%. The game was praised for its selection of cars and handling, but criticized for its easy difficulty, repetitiveness, and poorly acted live-action cut scenes.

The game is not particularly difficult, especially if you're experienced with the Need for Speed series or other racing titles, and is only a little time consuming with its grinding. There are 9 online trophies, one of which, First Of Many, requires you to win a ranked multiplayer against 7 other players. This can be done in a team race, but given the gradual age of Undercover, is becoming increasing difficult to find 7 other people to play with.

Overall, expect 30 hours or so for the Platinum.

Like most Need for Speed titles, you'll probably want to start with the offline trophies. Given that the game is an open world, no real roadmap is required. But if you're in desperate need of direction, we recommend going through and completing the story, first. After, you can focus on dominating the 8 race events for the Own The Road trophy. Then check out the Need for Speed Undercover trophy guide links under our Links tab, and start mopping up anything you still need, which will gradually bring you closer to earning the Completionist trophy, as it will probably be your last.

Once all the offline trophies are finished, you can start with the 9 online ones. You'll need to create an EA Nation account for the Community Member trophy, as well as the Photo Mode trophy. Afterwards, we recommend playing Cops N' Robbers as this is a team race, making winning much easier. Keep in mind the race needs to be fully completed in order to count towards the Notorious trophy.