Skate 3 Trophy Guide

Skate 3 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o  An open-world skateboarding game and the fourth installment in the Skate series. Since the servers were partially shut down in late 2014, the online trophies, and therefore the Platinum, are now Not Obtainable.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Skate 3 n/o 48 EA Black Box Canada 38 7 2 12 21

Skate 3

Skate 3 is an open-world skateboarding game, the fourth installment and the third main title in the Skate series. The game takes place in the fictional city Port Cerverton where skateboarding has been embraced. Divided into the Downtown, University, and Industrial districts, players perform tricks while using the environment as their playground. The game has included an Easy mode which allows for easier trick performances, and a Hardcore mode that requires more precision. The game also allows for building custom skate parks, and a Skate School where Coach Frank, performed by the voice talent of professional skater Jason Lee, teaches the essentials of skateboarding.

Taking place following the events of Skate 2, the player-character who now goes by the name The Legend, is attending Port Carverton University. After failing a thrasher challenge, The Legend makes it a point to become the best skating mogul in the city.

Skate 3 received mainly positive reviews with an average score of 80%, praised for its tutorial and training improvements, soundtrack, and gameplay, though criticized by some for not being a vast modification from the previous installment.

Skate 3 includes 12 online trophies which, although the servers were never officially closed, seemed to have been partially shutdown in late 2014. As a result, six of these online trophies cannot be unlocked, while a seventh trophy's unlockability - Sellout! - seems to be off and on. Either way, since some of these online trophies cannot be earned, the Platinum for this game has become Not Obtainable.

The servers to Skate 3 have become largely unstable in late 2014, currently no longer allowing players to create nor join Skate Teams. Meanwhile, the trophy Sellout! seems to be available, then unavailable, when trying to import a friend's skater that uses a custom logo for editing. In short, there are at least six - if not, seven - online trophies which cannot be unlocked, marking the Platinum for this game Not Obtainable.

However, the other online trophies are still possible, as well as the remaining 35 offline trophies. So if you're still interested, then read on.

Start by heading into Coach Frank's Skate School and go through the tutorials. Completing these will not only teach you the controls, but also unlock both the Park Apprentice and In Stereo trophies.

Next, start working on completing all the single player challenges. This includes 16 Training, 9 Deathrace, 33 Team Challenge, 6 Getting Started, 16 Own the Spot, 11 Own the Lot, 12 Film, 18 Photo, 19 Pro, 20 Team Promo, 9 Tranny Contest, 9 Street Contest, and 20 Hall of Meat missions. You will also need to Kill 80 of these challenges for the Mass Murderer trophy. You will be unlocking a good chunk of trophies during this process, as well as the Dedicated trophy for having beaten and unlocked everything, and hopefully the Deck Peddler trophy for selling 1 million boards.

After this, you can mop-up any remaining offline trophies you still need, or try to get any more challenges that require to be killed. Be sure to check out the Skate 3 trophy guide links under our Links tab to see which offline trophies you still need, and their requirements.

Finally, there are a few online-related trophies that can still be unlocked. This includes completing an Online Career challenge for the Co-Operator trophy, playing with someone who has unlocked the Gone Viral trophy in order to obtain it yourself, winning 5 Ranked Challenges for the High Five trophy, winning a Ranked Online Solo Challenge for the You're Winner trophy, and possibly importing a friend's skater with a custom logo to edit for the Sellout! trophy, though this last one seems to be unstable depending on the server's condition.

And unfortunately, with the partial server closure, this is as far as we can go.

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Skate 2 Trophy Guide

Skate 2 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o  An open-world skateboarding game and the third installment in the Skate series. Since the servers related to the Community Created Spots were shut down in 2015, the Platinum has become Not Obtainable.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Skate 2 n/o 47 EA Black Box Canada 35 9 2 10 0

Skate 2

Skate 2 is an open-world skateboarding game, and the third installment in the Skate series, after the 2007 Skate and 2008 Skate It. Set in a fictional city named San Vanelona, the main character has been released from a five year prison term, and must bring skateboarding back to the city devastated by earthquakes, all while avoiding the Monogocorp goons who are tempting to purchase the city's property. Players gain points by performing tricks, such as flip tricks, grinds, grabs, and ollies. The game also includes an online multiplayer.

Skate 2 received positive reviews, with an average score of 84%, praised for its controls and overall improvement to the series, though criticized by some for its steep learning curve.

Skate 2 was first released in January 2009, and contains 10 online trophies. Since late 2014, the servers involved with uploading and downloading "community-created spots" became rather flakey, until early 2015 they seemed to have shut down permanently without any announcement.

While it's still possible to go online and play ranked matches, those trophies related to uploading and downloading community-created spots, as well as rating them, can no longer be unlocked. Whether this was a glitch or intentional remains to be seen, but the fact of the matter is that the 3 online trophies related to to those uploads/downloads cannot be unlocked, which means the Platinum for Skate 2 is currently Not Obtainable.

Skate 2 contains 3 online trophies - Dethrowned, The Architect, and The Critic, which as of late 2014, cannot be unlocked due to a problem/closure of the server. However, the game does contain 43 other trophies that are still unlockable. So if you're interested, then read on.

From the beginning, you'll have a cutscene to watch that sets the story, the ability to change your character's looks, then a tutorial. After going through this, you'll have earned your first five trophies in the game: Gender Bender, Graphically Extreme, Skater Evolved, I Like To Move It, and Meet Slappy.

Since the game is open-world, there isn't much need of a roadmap. The trophy guides in our Links page will be your best friend here, as it's simply a matter of working through and unlocking what you need. Winning certain events, such as the San Van-a-Slamma or Deathrace will contain several prerequisites which you'll be working through naturally during the Campaign. In addition, there are particular stunts in specific areas which, when completed, will also net you more trophies. We recommend simply going through the offline trophies and knocking them out one by one.

Otherwise, there are a number of online trophies, such as Online Legend for collecting five bronze, three silver, and a gold medal, which can still be obtained. Check out the boosting forums under our Links tab if you're looking for someone to help you with these.

Need for Speed The Run Trophy Guide

Need for Speed The Run Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A racing game and the eighteenth title in the Need for Speed series. The Platinum requires some serious driving skills, as well as online grinding.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Need for Speed: The Run *** 37 EA Black Box Canada 10 24 2 24 6

Need for Speed: The Run

Need for Speed: The Run is a racing game, and the eighteenth title in the Need for Speed franchise. Players engage in street racing across real locations in the US, while overtaking and damaging other cars in a hybrid style of arcade and simulated racing. It is the first game in the series to allow the driver out of the car and travel on foot, as well as include a rewind following a crash. Online multiplayer is also included, with up to 8 players.

Jackson "Jack" Rourke is a mechanic and street racer, who owes money to the mob after starting his own business. Jack decides the only way out of his situation is to flee from the mob until he can enter a street racing event named "The Run," which will earn him enough money to pay them back.

Need for Speed: The Run received mixed reviews, with an average score of 66%, praised for its courses and racing experience, but criticized for the story, poor AI, and shortness of the game.

Quite possibly the most difficult in the Need for Speed series to Plat, as it requires some serious driving skills, a lot of time, and even luck. Some of the online trophies are quite challenging, and reaching level 30 will be a long grind. Also, many of the offline challenges will require some skills, as well.

Heavily depending on your skills, and even luck with the online trophies, this Platinum can take anywhere between 35-50 hours of gameplay.

You'll first want to play through the story portion of the game. Yes, there's a trophy for completing the game on Extreme Difficulty, but there's an easy way around this, if you prefer. After you've completed the game on Easy, or whichever mode you prefer, and have unlocked Extreme, visit the stage select and choose stage 10 - East Coast. Once you're at position 2 after beating the Mercedez-Benz and the next race begins, hit start and change the difficulty to Extreme. Now, it's just a matter of completing the final race to unlock the Win At Winning trophy! If you've having trouble with the last race, check out the video demonstration by TurboReiji under our Links tab.

During your initial playthrough, you'll want to also complete each of the Challenges and earn at least a gold for each, to unlock their specified trophy. There are 9 silver trophies for each of the set of challenges, which become available during the course of the game.

Once you've finished all that, you can head into multiplayer and start working on those 27 online trophies. The What Else You Got? will require someone in your friends list to have this game, in order to accept their challenge and beat their time score. So either start making friends online, check out the boosting forums under our Links tab, or simply use/make another account.

While reaching Level 30 will be the biggest grind, and most likely your last online trophy to collect, you'll want to focus on getting the Choices, One For All, and Bonus Wheel trophies out of the way, as these are not only the more difficult ones, but somewhat luck-based as well. After, just keep grinding until you hit Level 30 and unlock the Legendary trophy.

Finally, once all the online trophies are completed, you can head back into offline and mop-up anything you're still missing.

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Need for Speed Undercover Trophy Guide

Need for Speed Undercover Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A racing game and twelfth in the Need for Speed series. The Platinum is more time consuming and grinding than challenging, though the online trophies are becoming more difficult due to the game’s age.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Need for Speed: Undercover ** 51 EA Black Box Canada 46 1 3 9 0

Need for Speed: Undercover

Need for Speed: Undercover is a racing game, and the twelfth title in the Need for Speed series. Players race in an open world environment, divided into four boroughs, which is open from the beginning, using cars that can be modified. Online multiplayer is also included.

Taking place in the fictional Tri-City, the player controls an undercover police officer taking on jobs and competing in races in order to infiltrate the criminal underground and stop a smuggling syndicate.

Need for Speed: Undercover, despite being a commercial success, received mixed reviews with an average score of 64%. The game was praised for its selection of cars and handling, but criticized for its easy difficulty, repetitiveness, and poorly acted live-action cut scenes.

The game is not particularly difficult, especially if you're experienced with the Need for Speed series or other racing titles, and is only a little time consuming with its grinding. There are 9 online trophies, one of which, First Of Many, requires you to win a ranked multiplayer against 7 other players. This can be done in a team race, but given the gradual age of Undercover, is becoming increasing difficult to find 7 other people to play with.

Overall, expect 30 hours or so for the Platinum.

Like most Need for Speed titles, you'll probably want to start with the offline trophies. Given that the game is an open world, no real roadmap is required. But if you're in desperate need of direction, we recommend going through and completing the story, first. After, you can focus on dominating the 8 race events for the Own The Road trophy. Then check out the Need for Speed Undercover trophy guide links under our Links tab, and start mopping up anything you still need, which will gradually bring you closer to earning the Completionist trophy, as it will probably be your last.

Once all the offline trophies are finished, you can start with the 9 online ones. You'll need to create an EA Nation account for the Community Member trophy, as well as the Photo Mode trophy. Afterwards, we recommend playing Cops N' Robbers as this is a team race, making winning much easier. Keep in mind the race needs to be fully completed in order to count towards the Notorious trophy.