Bionic Commando Trophy Guide

Bionic Commando Trophy Guide

Bionic Commando Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A third-person action shooter and sequel to the 1988 Bionic Commando on the NES. The game contains plenty of missable trophies, so following a walkthrough strictly is required.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Bionic Commando *** 50 Grin Sweden 42 4 3 0 0

Bionic Commando

A sequel to the 1988 NES version of the same name, Bionic Commando is one of Grin's final games before going bankrupt (so don't hold your breath for any DLC) and published by Capcom. A third-person action adventure, the character - Nathan Spencer - uses his bionic arm which allows him to grapple, climb and swing through the levels, much in the spirit of Spider-man.

Ten years after the NES version, Nathan - voiced by singer Mike Patton - has been falsely imprisoned, but reinstated after a terrorist group named BioReign uses an experimental weapon to destroy Ascension City. Nathan is reunited with his bionic arm, and sent to stop the terrorist invasion.

The game received a very wide range of reviews, as low as 4/10 and as high as 9/10, with an average score of 65%. Some online magazines praised the unpredictable storyline, while others found the plot-twists ridiculous. Some stated it was a fun game, while others claimed it lacked enjoyable moments.

The main reason why we've given this game a 3-star rating, is that fact that there is no chapter select which allows you to previous levels and collect any missing trophies. This means that, if you're working on finding all the collectibles, and you miss one, you'll have to restart the game. But, if you stick closely to the walkthorughs and guides under our Links tab, and are very careful (as well as get the hang of using your bionic arm) than the Platinum is yours.

The Platinum can be unlocked in 25-35 hours, though depends on both skills and whether or not more than one playthrough is required.

The difficulty modes are stackable, so if you're in a rush for that platinum, select Commando difficulty. This can be very frustrating however, and unless you're a complete whiz at games, it's recommended you first start on Easy and collect all the other trophies in the game.

Most of the trophies are either based on collectibles, or challenges. There are 150 collectibles, and all of them must be found to earn The Collector trophy. Then there are the many, many challenges throughout the game. Again, check out the walkthrough and guides under our Links tab for assistance with these.

Hopefully, if you've managed to collect all these collectibles and completed the challenges in one playthrough, you're ready to select Commando mode and get that Platinum.

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