G-Force Trophy Guide

G-Force Trophy Guide

G-Force Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A third-person platforming shooter based on the 2009 Disney film of the same name. The Platinum requires at least two playthroughs, though is more time consuming than difficult.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
G-Force ** 44 Eurocom U.K. 28 12 3 0 0


Based on the 2009 Disney film with the same name, G-Force is a third-person platform shooter. Alternating between characters Darwin and Mooch, and armed with an assortment of weapons, you must battle against an army of robotic appliances, making your way to stop the sinister Leonard Saber.

The game includes an anaglyph-based stereoscopic 3D setting - and 2 sets of cardboard glasses - to give you a 3-dimensional gameplay even without a 3D TV. Fun to try out, but may strain your eyes after an hour or so, or get tired of the blue/red strobe effect.

the game received mixed reviews, with an average 65% score. Hailed for its 3D mode, fun puzzles and interesting weapons, but criticized for bland graphics and repetitiveness.

If you follow the guides and walkthroughs provided in the Links page, you shouldn't have too much difficulty completing the game with only 2, possibly 3 playthroughs - one on its highest difficulty setting, the other on Easy in order to beat the game under 8 hours. This game is more time consuming than difficult, though not overtly, hence the 2-star rating.

Surprisingly more challenging than most Disney games, but still easily doable. Requires 20-25 hours, depending on the number of playthroughs.

Since you MUST play the game twice to gain the Distinguished Service Medal trophy, we recommend first setting it on Challenging difficulty - which, when completed, will unlock the Special Agent difficulty. Collect all other necessary trophies along the way - follow the guides and walkthroughs under our Links tab for assistance.

Now, you have a choice. If you're in a rush, you can try to beat the game under 8 hours on the Special Agent difficulty. If this seems a bit rough, then take your time with Special Agent, and play for a third time on Easy at high speed. Either way, G-Force Special Agent and G-Force Rapid Response Agent should be your final two trophies, before the Platinum.

Since there are no known Walkthroughs for this game, we've posted a link to NextGenTactics' Youtube video, starting with the first chapter of the game. He does a great job of showing you where to go and locating most of the collectables:

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