Energy Cycle Trophy Guide

Energy Cycle Trophy Guide

Energy Cycle Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A logic puzzle game that involves changing colors of cells on a grid. If following a guide and taking advantage of a glitch exploit, the Platinum is both quick and easy.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Energy Cycle * 19 Sometimes You Russia 4 6 8 0 0

Energy Cycle

Energy Cycle is a logic puzzle game developed by Sometimes You, the same creators of Energy Balance. Players must change all lights on a grid to a single color, by selecting and changing cells. Once a cell is selected, all connected cells, both horizontal and vertical, will change as well. The game includes three modes: Puzzle, with pre-designed puzzles; Time Attack, with random puzzles and a timer; Infinite Play, which allows to play forever with no timer.

Energy Cycle received generally poor scores by the few critics who reviewed the game. While praised for its soundtrack and overall puzzle challenge, it was criticized for repetitiveness with its single type of puzzle.

If using both a guide, as well as taking advantage of a glitch exploit, Energy Cycle ranks up with other such titles as My Name is Mayo and Mr. Massagy in terms of both ease and quickness.

With a guide and the exploit glitch, the Platinum can be earned in less than 30 minutes.

First, start by heading into Puzzle mode, where you will need to work through the 28 levels. Since these puzzles are not random, you can follow one of the guides under our Links tab for the solutions. Doing it this way should only take about fifteen minutes, and will unlock 10 of the trophies.

Next, head into Time Attack mode. Here is where you can use the exploit glitch. The first puzzle is random, and will need to be solved if you're playing the North American version. Once the first puzzle is solved, quickly start hitting the X button which will take you through all the levels. After passing Level 30 and you've unlocked your three corresponding trophies, you can stop.

If you are playing the European version, then you won't need to solve the first puzzle. Simply start mashing the X button once the first puzzle appears on the screen.

Finally, head into Infinite Play mode, and do the same thing. With the North American version, solve the first puzzle, then start hitting the X button until you've unlocked the remaining 5 trophies, and the Platinum. Again, if you're playing the European version, then solving the first puzzle is not necessary.

And that's it! The Platinum should unlock between 20-30 minutes, depending on how quickly you can solve the first Time Attack and Infinite Play puzzles on the North American version.

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