PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2024

Still cold with plenty of snowstorms in your area? Perhaps it would be better to stay inside and play some games. In that case, Sony will keep you warm with their next line-up of PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2024 available for download on Tuesday, March 5.

First, there is F1 23, the Formula One and Formula 2 racing game by Codemasters and published by EA Sports. Play through the “Braking Point” story mode, or head online for some multiplayer competition.

If racing isn’t your thing, there is also Sifu, a beat ‘em up game developed by Sloclap. Taking place in modern-day China, the child of a martial arts school seeks revenge after the death of his father, the sifu, or master, of the school. The game includes over 150 unique attacks, and interactive environments to help battle the baddies.

Finally, there is Hello Neighbor 2, the survival horror game developed by Dynamic Pixels, as a sequel to the 2016 Hello Neighbor. Uncover the secrets of the sleepy town Raven Brooks, by sneaking about and finding clues to discover why the kids seem to be disappearing.

All three PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2024 titles have Platinum trophies to unlock. Also, all three games are available on both the PS4 and PS5.

Among these, Hello Neighbor 2 has arguable the easiest Platinum trophy, particularly if you are following a guide. With a guide, the Platinum trophy can be obtained in just a few hours.

The Platinum trophy for Sifu might have been considered a challenging one, but after a patch which allowed playing on an easier difficulty setting, the Platinum is now simply average in terms of difficulty. Expect around 15-20 hours of gameplay for this one, depending on your skills.

Lastly, unlocking the Platinum for F1 23 is not an easy task, particularly due to the online related trophies. Expect well over 100 hours for this one.

In addition to the three PlayStation Plus free games March 2024 line-up, Sony is also giving out The Witch Queen for free this month, which is added content for all those Destiny 2 players out there.

PlayStation Plus Free Games May 2023

Flowers are blooming, which means plenty of pollen which do wonders for our allergies. So why stay outdoors hacking and sneezing, when we can stay inside and play some games? Sony can help with that, as they have just announced their next line-up of freebies for PlayStation Plus free games May 2023 available for download on Tuesday, May 2.

First, for both the PS4 and PS5, there’s Grid Legends, the racing game developed by Codemasters and released just last year. With over 130 tracks from both real circuits to various cities, and over 100 vehicles to choose from, players can engage in the story-focused career mode, or race with up to 22 players online.

Also, for both the PS4 and PS5, there’s Chivalry 2, the sequel to the 2012 Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, developed by Torn Banner Studios. Select either first or third person view, chose your medieval melee weapon, and enter the multiplayer battle in this hack-and-slash video game.

Lastly, also for both PS4 and PS5, there’s Descenders, the 2019 cycling game developed by RageSquid. Racers participate in downhill mountain biking in a range of different environments that are procedurally generated, while completing objectives such as performing tricks or finishing under a certain time.

All three PlayStation Plus free games May 2023 have a platinum trophy to unlock.

The platinum for Grid Legends is perhaps the easiest to obtain, as there are no online trophies to worry about, and the races can be played on easy. However, be warned that you will need around 60-70 hours of gameplay.

The platinum trophy for Chivalry 2 is of average difficulty. If boosting the online trophies, the platinum can be obtained in around 45 hours, though expect around 70-80 hours of unlocking trophies legitimately.

Lastly, Descenders has some tricky trophies which require excellent skills and near-perfect runs. While the platinum can technically be obtained in around 30 hours, expect far more depending on your skills and patience.

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Trophy Guide

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A military tactical first-person shooter and a sequel to the 2001 Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. Due to the online servers being closed in 2013, the online trophy can only be unlocked via two PS3 systems connected via LAN mode.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising *** 37 Codemasters U.K. 14 19 3 1 0

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a military tactical first-person shooter, and a sequel to the 2001 Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis despite being developed by Codemasters rather than Bohemia Interactive. The game features over 50 different land, air, and sea vehicles, over 70 weapon types, with a large variety of facial features on characters, and realistic equipment carrying that visibly shows everything the player-character has in their possession. The game also includes both online competitive mode and storyline co-op mode with up to four players.

Taking place on the fictional island of Skira in May 2001 where both the People's Liberation Army and Russian Federation have fallen into conflict over its control. Bound by treaty arrangements made following the Cold War, the United States engages to help Russia retake the island.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising received mainly positive reviews with an average score of 75%, praised for its intense action and excitement, though criticized by some for its issues with AI intelligence, bugs, and feeling overall unpolished.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a game that requires some decent tactical FPS skills. At least one playthrough on Hardcore mode is required, and this is no cakewalk. Otherwise, most of the trophies can be unlocked through the game's Mission Select, so there's nothing missable.

Expect roughly 20-30 hours of gameplay for the platinum, depending on your skills.

NOTE: The online servers were closed in early 2013. However, the single online trophy, All Patched Up, can still be unlocked with two PS3 units connected via LAN mode and two copies of the game.

If you're in a mad rush for that platinum, and you feel confident enough with your tactical FPS skills, then start things off by playing and finishing the game on Hardcore mode. Be warned however, that this is no cakewalk. If you're not up to the immediate challenge, we suggest starting on Normal, then doing a second playthrough on Hardcore. It may take more time, but will save you on frustration.

Once you've eventually completed your playthrough on Hardcore mode, it's time to mop-up the remaining offline trophies. Simply check out the Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you're still missing and their requirements, then use the Mission Select to jump to wherever you need to go.

There is only one online trophy, which is All Patched Up, for field dressing an injured partner in co-op. Unfortunately, the online servers were closed in early 2013. This trophy is still unlockable, however will require you to connect two PlayStation 3 units via an Ethernet cable with LAN mode selected, and of course with two copies of the game available.

IGN has a Walkthrough here:

A video Walkthrough list posted by awsomoo8000:

And a video Walkthrough on Hardcore by thalejones:

Here's a great Trophy Guide by Rockets88 which includes some videos:

And a useful Trophy Guide created by trophybot:

An Achivement Guide (same as the trophies on PS3) by Fizzmatix:

Lastly, here's a basic Trophy List:

DiRT 2 Trophy Guide

DiRT 2 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o  An arcade style rally racing game featuring off-road events across Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. Due to the closure of the DiRTNET servers, two of the online trophies cannot be unlocked.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
DiRT 2 n/o 48 Codemasters U.K. 36 8 3 8 0

DiRT 2

Dirt 2 (known as Colin McRae: Dirt 2 in Europe) is an arcade-style rally racing game, and a sequel to Dirt (Colin McRae: Dirt) released on the PS3 in 2007 before trophy support. The game features a set of off-road events which takes place across Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America, as well as five different event types, plus a multiplayer mode, and features the voices of professional rally drivers, such as Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, Tanner Foust, and Dave Mirra.

Dirt 2 received mostly positive reviews, with an average score of 87% for its realistic graphics and beautiful scenery, simple interface, and overall fun.

This was a fairly easy game to platinum, and would have received a 2-star rating, provided that you had a boosting partner for some of the online trophies. However, while the multiplayer is still available, Codemasters has shut down their DiRTNET servers, which are used for accessing weekly tournament information. As a result, two trophies - Tourney and I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts! - can no longer be acquired, making this game's Platinum Not Obtainable.

However, if you simply wish to add this game to your trophy count, the 39 offline trophies are quite easy to collect.

The Platinum for this game is Not Obtainable, due to the DiRTNET servers being closed, which means two trophies can no longer be earned. However, if you still wish to collect the remaining 45 trophies, here are some tips:

You'll first want to head into Career mode and make your way from beginning to end, winning each race. Since there's no trophy related to the difficulty mode, you can go ahead and select Easy if you wish. Along the way, avoid spending money during your first ten races, in order to unlock the Big Bucks! trophy.

Once that's done, it's simply a matter of mopping up anything you've missed during your Career mode. Check out the DiRT 2 trophy guide links under our Links tab for specific details to what you need.

Last, there are the online trophies. Despite DiRTNET being closed, the multiplayer server is still open, which means there are 6 more trophies you can still collect. Some of these are tough without boosting. Particularly Rush Hour, as not only do you need to find seven other players, but you need to win against these seven other players, as well. Make friends with people you meet, and check out the forums under our Links tab, to try and organize a party and take turns allowing each player to win.

This is a great Trophy Guide, by morg106:

Another great Trophy Guide, this one by wedge567:

Collbreast_23 has a useful Trophy Guide, here:

And a detailed Trophy Guide here, created by trophybot:

If you're looking for a Boosting Partner, here's a Boosting Forum on PlaystationTrophies:

And a Boosting Forum on PS3Trophies:

And just for fun, here's a list of Dirt 2's Soundtrack:

Lastly, here's a basic Trophy List:

Operation Flashpoint Red River Trophy Guide

Operation Flashpoint Red River Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A tactical first-person shooter and and a sequel to the 2009 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. The game is easier than its predecessor, though obtaining Gold on all campaign missions can be tough.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Operation Flashpoint: Red River ** 50 Codemasters U.K. 43 3 3 1 5

Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Operation Flashpoint: Red River is a tactical first-person shooter and a sequel to the 2009 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Players choose between four classes of Marines: rifleman, grenadier, scout, or automatic rifleman, and are given the option to play the campaign co-operatively or solo. Gained experience allows the player to unlock weapons and perks.

Outlaw 2 Bravo, a United States Marine Corps fireteam, is sent out to take care of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement after an attack made on a U.S. forward operating base in Afghanistan.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River, received mixed reviews, with an average score of 68%, praised for its aspects of being a tactical squad-based shooter, but criticized for its poor AI and voice acting.

If you've played its predecessor, Dragon Rising, then Red River should feel fairly easy as there's no Hardcore mode to worry about. Still, this is a high 2-star rating, as obtaining Gold on all Campaign missions can be tough at times, as well as the Fire Team engagement mode. There is only one online trophy, which requires you to play with a full squad of four friends.

Expect around 50-60 hours of gameplay, depending on your skills.

The first thing you'll want to do is simply play the game from beginning to end, while getting used to the controls and environments. You'll be earning a number of story-related trophies along the way, as well as probably unlocking a few others naturally.

Once you've completed your playthrough and have a good feel for the command and tactical aspects, you can start working on getting Gold on all the Campaign missions. In order to earn Gold, you'll need to complete each mission quickly and efficiently. Along the way, you'll be leveling up your class. If possible, while still being able to earn Gold, change classes once you've maxed out the level, to work towards the outlaw 2's Hero trophy.

Next, once you have all your Golds, it's time to finish maxing out all four classes. Repeating the FTE Combat Sweep mission is a good way to earn experience points and grind your characters to their maximum levels.

Now, it's time to enter and complete the Fire Team Engagement mode, in order to unlock the Get To The Chopper! trophy. This is probably the most difficult trophy in the game, as you'll need to survive 16 waves of enemies, and escape using the chopper. We recommend saving this for near the end, as having your characters leveled up will make it a little easier.

Finally, there's the one online trophy, With A Little Help, which requires you to play online with 3 friends. If you're having trouble finding people, check out the boosting forums under our Links tab.

If there are any other trophies you still need, then now's the time to simply mop them up, and get that Platinum.

IGN has a Walkthrough here:

And a text-based Walkthrough by BusterLanceX:

duck360 has a great Trophy Guide here:

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And an Achievement Guide (same as the trophies on PS3) by SirDracu:

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Finally, here's a basic Trophy List: