Guitar Hero 5 Trophy Guide

Guitar Hero 5 Trophy Guide

Guitar Hero 5 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **** Β A music rhythm game and the fifth title in the Guitar Hero series which utilizes instrument-like controllers. While roughly the same difficulty as Rock Band 2, some trophies will require online assistance.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Guitar Hero 5 **** 50 Neversoft U.S. 37 11 1 3 0

Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero 5 is a music rhythm game, the fifth in the Guitar Hero series which began on the PlayStation 2, and the first on the PlayStation 3 to possess trophy support. Using either a guitar controller, drum controller, or microphone, players mimic the playing of music by attempting to match the scrolling "notes."

The game allows for up to four players, either each playing different instruments or all the same. There are 85 songs on its track list, with 83 by separate artists, with more available for download at a price. Aside from the offline Career mode and Challenges, a multiplayer mode allows for online competitive and co-operative play.

Guitar Hero 5 received positive reviews, with an average score of 87%, praised for the game's "Jump in" added feature, simplified menu system, and wide selection of tracks.

You can expect roughly the same level of difficulty as Rock Band 2. While the majority of the trophies could be considered slightly easier in terms of skills, there are several which require some online help, such as playing a song with the same four instruments. Unless you possess four drums or four microphones, you will probably need to do some boosting.

At minimum, you will need one of each instrument: guitar, microphone, and drum. Those already possessing master-level skills at these music games and have boosting partners, can probably earn the Platinum in 40 hours. If this is your first time, then expect far more time.

This game doesn't require much of a road-map. Simply start on Career Mode and play your way through to the end. Along the way, attempt to get at least 5 stars on the songs to avoid mopping-up afterwards. There are also some challenge-specific trophies you can unlock, so be sure to check out the Guitar Hero 5 trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you need. By the end, and with some mopping-up, you should have nearly, or all, the offline trophies by now.

There are 3 trophies specific to online play, which includes Rocktopus for playing a Band vs. Band match, Outgoing for completing 25 Pro Face Off matches, and Menage A Huit for playing an online match with 8 players on the same instrument. In addition, however, are the trophies related to playing songs with four of the same types of instrument, which can't be done offline unless you possess four guitars, four sets of drums, and four microphones. Given the age of the game, these can be difficult to find online players. So either start making friends online, or check out the boosting forums under our Links tab.

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