PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2018

PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2018

Perhaps it was a means to ease the blow of Sony‘s earlier announcement regarding dropping PS3 and Vita games from their list of freebies, or a way to boost those memberships at the end of the fiscal year (which traditionally ends in March, here in Japan). Whatever the reason, Sony has some great titles for their PlayStation Plus free games March 2018.

For the PlayStation 4, there’s Bloodborne, the action RPG set in a Gothic, Victorian era by the same makers as the Dark Souls series. And Ratchet & Clank, the platforming action sci-fi adventure and remake from the original PS2 title.

On the PlayStation 3, we’ve got Legend of Kay Anniversary, a remaster of the original PS2 title featuring martial art combat, platforming, and puzzle solving as we follow the exploits of a hotheaded young cat named Kay. And Mighty No. 9, a 2D side-scrolling action shooter set in the same classic style as the Mega Man series. Mighty No. 9 is also a cross-plat with the PS4.

Finally, the PlayStation Vita will be getting Claire: Extended Cut, a story-driven psychological horror, where the protagonist Claire is on her way to visit her sick mother when she inadvertently finds herself in a dark world filled with mystery. And Bombing Busters, an action battle game in the spirit of Bomberman, where players help a scientist dispose of the random critters by blowing them up. Both Claire: Extended Cut and Bombing Busters are cross-play with the PS4.

Excluding Bombing Busters, all free games for March 2018 have Platinum trophies to unlock. Among them, Ratchet & Clank is by far the easiest, particularly for those with experience in the series, requiring about 20 hours of gameplay. Also, Claire: Extended Cut is not particularly difficult if following closely to a guide, and needs only 5-6 hours. Also, both Mighty No. 9 and Legend of Kay Anniversary is rather average in terms of difficulty and requires 30 hours. While Bloodborne is a fantastic title, expect some rather challenging trophies and about 60-70 hours of your time.