Super Street Fighter IV Trophy Guide

Super Street Fighter IV Trophy Guide

Super Street Fighter IV Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *****  A 2D fighter and sequel to the 2009 Street Fighter IV. The Platinum requires both high skills and a vast amount of time.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Super Street Fighter IV ***** 50 Capcom / Dimps Japan 39 8 2 26 0

Super Street Fighter IV

In Capcom's tradition of releasing a million versions of each Street Fighter game, we have the first sequel to Street Fighter IV: Super Street Fighter IV. Released a year after its predecessor, the game was originally meant to be a DLC to the original. However, due to its size, the title became a stand-alone game.

While still possessing the same four modes from the original (Arcade, Versus, Trials, and Training), Super has added "Team Battles" to its online features, as well as "Endless Battle" which pits a champion against eight other players, as well as 10 extra characters in addition to the original 25.

Most online game reviewers praised Super Street Fighter IV with an average rating of 92%, most comments matching similar praises to its predecessor.

If you've played the previous Street Fighter IV, than you have a good idea of what's involved to acquire the Platinum. There aren't too many games in our database with 5-star ratings, so it gives you some idea how difficult the Street Fighter series can be when both the regular and Super versions are graded with the highest difficulty score.

If you ever happen to see someone with both Platinums, you know they're hardcore.

Since Super Street Fighter IV has more characters than its predecessor, that means you'll need to clear Arcade Mode 10 more times - on at least Medium. Setting the rounds to 1 will make things quicker.

You will have to win at least once on Hardest difficulty for the Long Time No See trophy. Also, keep in mind you'll need to complete each round in 20 minutes for the Speed Freak trophy.

the Trial trophies - in particular, Trial Athlete - are the most difficult and time-consuming, in which you must complete all 24 challenges with each of the 35 characters. You can check out some Youtube links we've posted under the Links tab for help with this.

Lastly, you have all the online trophies to deal with. A boosting buddy can help with many of these (see the forums under our Links tab) though you'll still need to win 10 ranked matches in a row for the Tenpeat trophy. This is possible to boost, though you'll need to continuously find each other for each match.

Good luck!

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