Arcade Game Series Pac-Man Trophy Guide

Arcade Game Series Pac-Man Trophy Guide

Arcade Game Series Pac-Man Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A maze-based game and a revamp of the original 1980 arcade classic. The Platinum doesn’t require much time, but some good skills and help from a save exploit.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man * 21 Namco Bandai Japan 6 5 9 0 0

Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man

Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man is a revamp of the classic 1980 Pac-Man arcade game by Namco. The game involves maneuvering through a maze, eating pellets for points while avoiding the four ghosts which will end the player's life upon contact. Eating a Power Pellet will cause the ghosts to turn blue, allowing the player to eat them for extra points, while fruits appear as bonus items that can be eaten for more points.

The original 1980 Pac-Man, while receiving mediocre popularity in Japan, was an immediate success in North America. It has since spawned both sequels and clones, as well as animated TV programs and a variety of merchandise.

This is a high 1-star rating, as some of the trophies can be rather tricky; especially for those who have never played Pac-Man. However, a save exploit allows you to try over and over for whichever trophy you are going for.

If using the save exploit, the Platinum can be earned in just a few hours, depending on your skills.

It should be known that a "Save Exploit" is available if you're having trouble with some of the trophies. At any point in your game, select "Save & Quit" which will return you to the Main Menu. From here, back up your save to either the PS+ Cloud if you are a PS+ member, or via USB. Then simply continue playing, and reload your previous save if you died or made an error. This exploit will come in handy when going for some of the more challenging trophies.

Also, under the game's setting menu, you can enable Round Select, as well as add more lives to your game. To start off, simply play the game and work towards clearing Round 17. This will award you with several trophies for clearing certain rounds, including the Round 17 Cleared trophy. Remember to use the Save Exploit if you're having trouble. Also, there are a number of trophies related to eating the various fruits and items that appear after certain rounds, so be sure to go after those as well, if possible.

Once that's done, it's simply a matter of mopping-up the remaining trophies. This may include the Om Nom Nom trophy, which requires eating 2 fruits and all four ghosts in succession four times in a single round. If you're having trouble with this one, check out the video under our Links tab. Also, be sure to check out the Arcade Game Series Pac-Man trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what trophies you still need and their requirements.

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