Undertale Trophy Guide

Undertale trophy guide

Undertale Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A top-down role-playing game ported from the original PC version. The Platinum is quick and relatively easy to obtain.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Undertale * 30 Toby Fox U.S. 14 10 5 0 0


Undertale is a top-down role-playing game first released on the PC in 2015, before being ported onto consoles two years later. Players explore the underground world which is filled with caverns and towns, while solving puzzles and battling monsters. The battle system involves navigating through mini-bullet hell attacks. Players are given the option to either pacify or subdue the monster, to which the choices impact the dialogue and game’s story.

A human child tumbles into the Underground, a place where monsters have been banished after their war with the humans. The child is soon put on a quest to search out Asgore’s castle.

Undertale received highly positive reviews with an average score of 92%, praised for its innovation, complex combat system, interesting characters, and story.

A good chunk of the trophies are story-related, while the others are easy miscellaneous ones you can unlock during your first playthrough. While dodging enemy attacks may be a bit tricky at first, the game is overall quite easy. Interestingly enough, the Platinum can be earned before even finishing the game, making it a quick one to obtain.

Expect between 3-5 hours for the Platinum.

NOTE: The trophies on the PS4 share the same list with those on the PS Vita.

The only trophies to be concerned with are those related to donating to the Dog Shrine. Decide whether you want to play either the Pacifist or Genocide playthrough, and be sure to stick to it. Eventually, you will need to fight Pypyrus. If you are playing the Pacifist playthrough and spare his life, you will have access to Papyrus’ house in Snowdin where you can continue donating gold to the Dog Shrine.

If you are playing the Genocide playthrough and kill Papyrus, then the donation box for the Dog Shrine will be located at a garbage dump by the waterfall.

However, if you are playing a neutral playthrough, than neither the house nor the donation box will be accessible, blocking you from unlocking the Dog Shrine related trophies.

With that in mind, simply play through the game, unlocking the story-related trophies as you go. There are a few miscellaneous trophies related to collecting items, so be sure to check out the Undertale trophy guide links under our Links tab for more details on those.

You will need a total of 350G to get all the Dog Shrine related trophies, including the final Dognation Level 15 trophy. However, it is recommended that you first use the collected gold to purchase healing items and equipment to make your playthrough much easier, before grinding for the Dog Shrine donations.

You will only need to play through three-quarters of the game to unlock the Platinum trophy. From there, you can either continue and see the game through to the end, or simply call it a day.