Knee Deep Trophy Guide

Knee Deep Trophy Guide

Knee Deep Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  An interactive movie involving the murder of a washed-up stage actor. If following a guide, the Platinum can easily be unlocked in under ten hours.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Knee Deep * 44 Prologue Games U.S. 30 10 3 0 0

Knee Deep

Knee Deep is a cross between a visual novel and an interactive movie, set in a murder-mystery genre. The game takes place on a revolving stage, across three Acts. Players control different characters on the stage, and make selections which impact the course of the story.

Taking place in the backwater Florida town of Cypress Knee, a washed-up actor has hung himself on location. Suspecting murder rather than suicide, blogger Romana Teague, local reporter Jack Bellet, and private investigator K.C. Gaddis search for the truth behind the murder, and its involved conspiracy.

Knee Deep received mixed to negative reviews with an average score of 55%, praised for its innovative style of storytelling and its first Act, though criticized for losing momentum in Acts two and three.

Somewhat similar to the Telltale games, the Platinum for Knee Deep does not require much skill nor time. Even the puzzles are quite easy. And with a walkthrough, the Platinum can be earned in just a few hours.

Expect less than 10 hours for the Platinum if following a guide and reading the text, and half that time if text-skipping.

If you wish to unlock the Platinum in the fastest way possible, then check out the trophy walkthrough under our Links tab. Follow it, and text-skip to save even more time. You will need at least one full playthrough, plus a few replays of Acts One and Three, as some trophies require more than one choice made in the game. If you are following the guide and text-skipping, you can unlock the Platinum in under five hours.

If you prefer not following a walkthrough, but you’re still fine with a few spoilers, then we recommend checking out the Knee Deep trophy guide links under our Links tab, to get familiar with some of the choices.

Begin by playing through the game in its entirety, but take note of which choices you make. This way, when you replay the individual Acts later, you can make the opposite choice to unlock its respective trophy. This includes, for example, publishing your report with either an inflammatory, edgy, or cautious spin. Also, following the interrogation room scene, there are the Freaky family, Irish travellers, and Football fame options to choose, each of which have their own trophy. You’ll also want to collect the three emails and four journal entries from Tag Kern’s tablet for the NSA Pet and Dear Diary trophies.

Once the initial playthrough is complete, replay Act One again, this time making alternative choices to unlock those trophies.

Next, replay Act Three again to make the alternate choices for their respective choices. Finally, replay Act One to unlock the final report-related trophy, and any others you may still be missing.

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