PlayStation Plus Free Games April 2021

PlayStation Plus Free Games April 2021

Just three days after the huge news regarding the closure of the PlayStation Store on the PS3, PSP, and Vita, Sony made another announcement: the next line-up for PlayStation Plus free games April 2021 which will be available for download on Tuesday, April 6.

First, there’s Days Gone, the post-apocalyptic survival horror by Bend Studio, released in 2019. Set in Oregon just a few years after a global pandemic turned humanity into zombie-like creatures known as Freaks, former US Army veteran Deacon St. John is doing his best to survive this nightmare while searching for his wife whom he believes may still be alive.

Next, there’s Zombie Army 4: Dead War, a sequel to the 2015 Zombie Army Trilogy, which in turn is a spin-off of the Sniper Elite series. As evident by the title, this is another zombie-related title, which takes places in an alternate 1946 following Adolf Hitler’s banishment to hell. Players can join their friends in co-op and take down wave after wave of Nazi zombies in this over-the-top B-movie like title.

And for the PS5, there’s Oddworld: Soulstorm, the next installment in the Oddworld series. In this 2.5D side-scrolling platformer, players control Abe who must save his mudokon friends from slave labor. Oddworld: Soulstorm will be launching on the same day it is available as part of the line-up for the PlayStation Plus free game April 2021 on April 6.

All three titles for this line-up of PlayStation Plus free games April 2021 have Platinum trophies to unlock.

The Platinum trophies for both Days Gone and Zombie Army 4: Dead War are not particularly difficult, though both will take around 50 hours of gameplay.

Since Oddworld: Soulstorm will be first released on April 6, we unfortunately do not yet have any information on the difficulty of this Platinum.