PlayStation Plus Free Games June 2021

PlayStation Plus Free Games June 2021

Similar to the previous month, Sony is releasing quite a mixed bag of games for their line-up of PlayStation Plus free games June 2021 which will be available for download on Tuesday, June 1.

On the PS4 there’s Star Wars: Squadrons, the space combat game released late last year. Taking place following the events of the film Return of the Jedi, players join either the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron or the Galactic Empire’s Titan Squadron, and compete in dogfights in both single-player and online multiplayer. The game also supports the PSVR, and allows for cross-platform play.

Next for the PS4, there’s Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown, an enhanced remake of the PS3 and arcade title, which in turn is an update from the original Virtua Fighter 5 released back in 2006. Select your favorite fighters from the roster and compete in single-player or online battles with updated graphics, new music, and new online features.

Lastly, for the PS5, there’s Operation Tango, a cooperative spy adventure. Select to play as either a Hacker or Agent, and work with your partner through voice communication to succeed in your mission.

Among the three PlayStation Plus free games June 2021, Star Wars Squadrons and Operation Tango have Platinum trophies to unlock.

The difficulty in obtaining the Platinum for Star Wars: Squadrons entirely depends on your first-person dogfighting skills, though is generally more of a grind than a challenge. Considering the game is cross-platform, finding online players should not be a problem.

Since Operation Tango’s release date will be June 1, we have no information on the difficulty of this Platinum. Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is also first being released on June 1, which means the difficulty in obtaining 100% of its trophies is also unknown at the point.