Talos Principle Trophy Guide

Talos Principle Trophy Guide

The Talos Principle Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** A puzzle game with a narrative, played in either first or third person. If using guides and walkthroughs, the Platinum is easy and not especially time-consuming.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Talos Principle ** 40 Croteam Croatia 20 16 3 0 0

The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle is a puzzle game within a narrative, which can be played in either first or third person. Taking control of a robot, players explore various environments such as deserts, greenery, and stone ruins, while searching out and completing over 120 puzzles. Players can also discover computer terminals which add additional puzzles, as well as expand on the philosophical narrative of the story.

An unnamed android awakens in an unfamiliar environment. He is told by an entity named Elohim to explore the world it has created, by solving puzzles and collecting sigils, though is warned not to climb the tower at the center of the worlds. The android must do as asked, while learning more about the environment, Elohim, and itself.

The Talos Principle received positive reviews with an average score of 88%, praised for its story and elements of philosophy, visuals, and clever puzzles.

This is a low 2-star rating. The focus of the game is on solving puzzles, and since there are plenty of guides and videos to help you, completing the game is not particularly difficult. The only reason the difficulty score is bumped up to a 2-star is for the time involved.

If following a guide, and skipping reading the text on the terminals, the Platinum can be obtained in under 20 hours.

There are three worlds in total, named A, B, and C, each with 7 puzzles to complete, thereby making a total of 21 puzzles. Begin your game by first going through world A, complete the puzzles and collect the sigils, then move onto world B, and finally world C.

To avoid missable trophies, be sure to stay away from the tower, do not interact with the computer terminals, and stay away from the special alters in the red sigil puzzles. However, you will want to go for the Extreme Persistence Detected trophy, the Know Your Limits trophy, find the blue audio logs for A Good Listener trophy, and scan any QR Codes that you find for the QR Reader trophy.

After you’ve collected all the sigils, and before you pass through the huge doorway, there are a few things to do. First, return to the Main Menu and restore a backup which includes an unsolved red sigil. Next, collect the Axe in world C and use it to knock down the barrier directly across from the level 7 hub. Use the teleporter to head to an island, where you will solve 5 grid based tole puzzles. Finally, head to the unsolved red sigil and approach the alter, then press R1 for the hint. Completing these tasks will unlock the Break Down Barriers, Sacred Grounds, Help From Above, and the Last Stable Version trophies.

Next, it’s time to start interacting with those terminals, where you’ll be talking with an entity named Milton. This is when you’ll want to unlock the Press The Serpent and Silence The Serpent trophies, then finally the Deal With The Deceiver trophy.

After that, head the tower and ascend all five levels. You’ll eventually reach a final terminal, where you can chose to upload Milton and unlock the Take It With You trophy, then finally the Free Will ending trophy. Then, reload the most recent backup, where you should be on the 5th tower level. This is your chance to unlock the Changed My Mind and Eternal Life trophies.

Finally, restore that backup once again and use the elevator to return back to the main area. This is where you’ll want to find any missed collectibles, such as the audio logs for A Good Listener, access all documents from the terminals for the Thorough Researcher trophy, and find all 30 hidden stars which will eventually help work your way towards the Blessed Messenger trophy.

For more specific details on some trophies, be sure to check out the Talos Principle trophy guide links under our Links tab, as well as solutions to the puzzles if you’re having problems.

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