PlayStation Plus Free Games April 2018

Sony has just unveiled their next line-up of PlayStation Plus free games April 2018, which seems to be a mix of gems and dusty stones.

On the PlayStation 4, we have Mad Max, the action-adventure open-world based on the popular anti-hero from the Australian film series, as Max seeks revenge on dangerous raiders while also engaging in vehicular combat to survive the post-apocalyptic world. And TrackMania Turbo, a racing game that has players zooming across 200 different tracks across four different locations while performing stunts for those extra points.

For the PlayStation 3, there’s In Space We Brawl, a twin-stick shooter featuring space battles with up to four players. And Toy Home, another racing game, this one involving a toy car in a search for coins and hidden medals while performing stunts and reaching the next checkpoint before the timer runs out.

And on the PlayStation Vita, there’s 99Vidas, a brawler with references to 80’s and 90’s culture in a classic 18-bit style. And Q-Bert Rebooted, the classic arcade game which features new enemies, power-ups, and playable characters as you hop your way clearing blocks while avoiding enemies. Both 99Vidas and Q-Bert Rebooted are cross-plat with the PS3 and PS4.

Among the freebies for April, Mad Max, TrackMania Turbo, and 99Vidas have Platinum trophies to unlock. Mad Max is fairly average in terms of difficulty, though will require around 70 hours of gameplay. Also, it should be noted that since Toy Home was released in 2007 before trophy support, the game has no trophies to unlock.