PlayStation Plus Free Games August 2023

Summer heat bringing you down? Maybe it’s time to stay indoors, switch on the air conditioner, and play some games. Sony can help with that, with their announcement of the next line-up of PlayStation Plus free games August 2023 which will be available for download on Tuesday, August 1.

First, for both the PS4 and PS5, there’s PGA Tour 2K23, the fifth installment in the PGA Tour 2K series. Grab your golf clubs and compete across numerous licensed courses to become the next FedExCup Champion. The game introduces Topgolf with both local and online competitive play with up to four players, and a Course Designer.

Next, also for both PS4 and PS5, there’s the 2021 action-adventure game Death’s Door by Acid Nerve. A sequel to the 2015 game Titan Souls, Death’s Door is a 3D isometric game where players arm themselves with a sword and bow, striking down enemies while also solving puzzles to complete dungeons.

Lastly, available only for the PS4 is Dreams, the 2020 game creation system developed by Media Molecule. Play through the game, create your own games and audio-visual experiences, publish them online, and have fun trying the experiences created by other players. The only limit is your imagination.

All three titles of the PlayStation Plus free games August 2023 have a platinum trophy to unlock.

Among these, PGA Tour 2K23 is perhaps the easiest game to platinum, particularly if you are already experienced with games in the series. You can set the difficulty down to easy, although this means you will need to grind longer for XP. Expect around 20-25 hours of gameplay for the platinum.

Death’s Door is generally a quicker game to platinum, taking around 15-25 hours. However, this is quite skill-dependent, and can get rather challenging with some of the boss battles.

Lastly, the platinum for Dreams is easy enough. However, you will need to grind your way to reach level 30. Expect around 40-50 hours to unlock the platinum.

Tearaway Unfolded Trophy Guide

Tearaway Unfolded Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A third-person platforming adventure where players create and design objects to assist the protagonist in a paper environment. The Platinum is not particularly difficult, though does require some time and finding collectibles.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Tearaway Unfolded ** 35 Tarsier Studios / Media Molecule Sweden / U.K. 18 11 5 0 0

Tearaway Unfolded

Tearaway Unfolded is a third-person platforming adventure, and an expanded remake of the original 2013 Tearaway on the PlayStation Vita. Players move their character through an environment made of paper, which can be modified by the player to assist the protagonist. Players also design objects that can be used in gameplay, and complete side-objectives for non-player characters.

A messenger, named Iota if male or Atoi if female, must deliver a message to the portal that mysteriously appeared in the sky, in hopes of saving the paper world from the evil Scraps that are tempting to take over.

Tearaway Unfolded received positive reviews with an average score of 81%, praised for its improved graphics and added experience to the revamped version, and its overall fun gameplay experience.

While there are a few challenging tasks and trophies, the game is overall not particularly hard. The main reason for the 2-star difficulty rating is for the time required. At least one full playthrough is required, then backtracking with the chapter select to find all those collectibles, and complete a few other miscellaneous trophies. No missable trophies, and no online trophies to worry about.

Expect around 20-24 hours for the Platinum.

You can start things off by simply playing through the game and enjoying it. There are some collectibles and miscellaneous trophies you can work on if you want, but the game includes a chapter select, so feel free to leave them for later.

The only trophy we recommend going for is the Globe Trotter trophy, which involves taking a photo in each of the 16 chapters. Its an easy trophy that will save you backtracking. Doing so will also automatically unlock the Paperazzi trophy.

After that, use the chapter select to clean up all the miscellaneous trophies, as well as the collectibles. You’ll need to find all the papercraft plans for the Papercraft Wizard trophy, all the red presents for the Gifted trophy, and a number of other collectibles to eventually get the Completist trophy. Be sure to check out the Tearaway Unfolded trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you’re still missing and their requirements.

Good luck with the gophers!

Capt_Beachhead has a great Trophy Guide here:

A useful Collectibles Guide by Capt_Beachhead:

And a video Collectibles Guide by Lowcy Trofeow:

Useful tips for the Completist trophy by TugaSonic:

A video demonstration of the Tower Of Doom trophy, by beachhead1738:

And a video demonstration of the Gopher Trampoline trophy, by beachhead1738:

And beachhead1738's video demonstration of the With One Stone trophy:

Lastly, here's a basic Trophy List:

LittleBigPlanet 2 Trophy Guide

LittleBigPlanet 2 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A platformer that also allows players to create their own levels and publish them online. The Platinum requires some skills, creativity, and a whole lot of time online.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
LittleBigPlanet 2 *** 47 Media Molecule U.K. 36 7 3 22 18

LittleBigPlanet 2

Like its predecessor, LittleBigPlanet 2 is a platform/puzzle game which, while following through the story and levels, also allows you to design your own and publish them online. The story's playthrough is not particularly long - a few hours at most. But then you can go online and play the millions of levels created by others around the world, ranging from poorly made to fantastic.

In the story, an interdimensional vacuum cleaner appears out of nowhere and begins sucking up everything in sight. Sackboy is saved by Larry Da Vinci, the leader of a group known as The Alliance. After passing several tests, Sackboy is ready to help the Alliance and battle the evil Negativitron.

If you've played the previous LittleBigPlanet game, than you know what to expect as far as difficulty and time consumption. While the majority of the trophies in the sequel are slightly easier than the first, the method is the same - ace all the levels, collect all the prize bubbles, design your own level, have people play it, play others online.

NOTE: The Online servers in the Japanese region closed in July 2016, which means the online trophies - and therefore the Platinum - is no longer obtainable in Japan.

As with the previous game, it's recommended that you first play through the levels in order to get a feel for the game, collect some prize bubbles which you can use in your creations, and gather ideas for your own game.

Once you've had enough of the story and wish to get into the community/create stuff, we recommend creating your own level, first. That way, when you start playing the community levels, you can post a request that the same player check out yours. Without advertising, it may be difficult to gather the 50 people required to play your level for the 50 Unique Players trophy, no matter how good it may be.

Once you have your level made, it's time to go online and play others. Aside from the various other challenge trophies, you'll need to play at least 75 levels to get the Play 75 Community Levels trophy. For the 160 Yays or Boos trophy, you needn't play the level - simply hit start on the level and select either the happy or sad sackboy.

First off, you'll need a walkthrough to collect all the prize bubbles. So far, IGN has the best which includes videos and images:

An excellent, rather detailed Trophy Guide was posted by lukey52 here:

And a useful Trophy Guide by onuosfan and Kevinnummer1:

Another, though less detailed but useful Trophy Guide, was created by Adam Wolfe:

Finally, here's a basic Trophy List:

LittleBigPlanet Trophy Guide

LittleBigPlanet Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A platformer that also allows players to create their own levels and publish them online. The Platinum requires some skills, creativity, and a whole lot of time online.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
LittleBigPlanet *** 48 Media Molecule U.K. 36 8 3 27 22


Considered a puzzle platform game (or a platform for games) LittleBigPlanet is unique in its own right.

You play as Sackboy who lives in a world of creations, made by the Eight Creator Curators. However, one of these Curators has plans of his own, and begins stealing all the creations while kidnapping the other seven Curators. It's your job to run, jump, and grab your way to helping your friends and stopping the rogue Curator.

However, that's only part of the fun. The other is creating your own levels, posting them online, and playing some of the MILLIONS of levels put together by other players. For the most part, your imagination is the only limitation to creating your own game.

There is also a vast assortment of DLC available - including extra levels which include items you can use when creating your games, such as the "paint gun" from Metal Gear Solid, or "water" from the Pirates of the Caribbean level, as well as numerous costume packs.

This game requires more time than skill, some creativity, and friends (either real or online). Part of the trophies involve going through each of the levels, collecting all the bubbles, and managing to clear each stage without dying. The other involves creating a level, posting it online, and advertising it by playing other people's games.

Passing a level is easy. Finding all the bubbles takes time and patience, as well as the Links which we provide. There are some bubbles in which you'll need more than one player (sometimes up to 4) in order to grab. Either buy some extra controllers and invite friends over, or go online and wait patiently for enough people to join.

NOTE: The Online servers in the Japanese region closed in July 2016, which means the online trophies - and therefore the Platinum - is no longer obtainable in Japan.

You'll probably hear a great many "blings" as you collect trophy after trophy during the start of the game. Don't let these fool you - there are many more trophies which will require much time and patience.

You may want to start building your own level and post it online early, since it will take quite a bit of time to acquire the necessary trophies. The trophies Crowd Pleaser, Feel The Love, Celebrity, and Create are basically out of your hands. You'll just have to sit tight and wait for people to play your level - hopefully hearting it, and you, afterwards.

To speed up the process, start playing other people's online games, heart them, then leave a message saying "H4H" which means "heart for heart." This signals the other player to try your level, and heart it. WE recommend only doing this with players who, on their list of messages, have several H4H comments. The reason being, is that some players out there feel strongly against "hearting" for the sake of getting a trophy, and won't bother with your level.

To get the Crowd Pleaser trophy a bit faster, you can make a new account on your PlayStation 3, pop in the game, and play your other account's online game 50 times. Yes, this works!

For Party Person, Socialite, and Top of the Class, you'll need to start making friends online. Start adding people to your friend's list and try to coordinate a time when you can play together, and remember to take turns winning each level.

Some trophies, such as 20X Multiplier or Sackbird, can easily be done online. Do a search for those trophy names, and you'll find a community level where those challenges are easily performed.

The links you'll need most are story-based, allowing you to find all the hidden bubbles in each level. The one we found the most useful was by Absolute Steve. You can click on each level, and they will list all the prize bubbles before providing the Walkthrough, along with pictures:

Also, we have another Walkthrough on IGN. However, unless it's been updated, we found the odd prize bubble missing in their guides:

And here's a simpler Walkthrough by Andre Segers:

And, while lacking pictures, LittleBigPlanetWiki has a very detailed, text-based Walkthrough:

For Trophy Guides, we found this one useful by Majed Athab:

Another Trophy Guide on PS3 Trophies:

Here's a simple Trophy Guide by Phoenix8387:

Finally, here's a basic Trophy List: