PlayStation Plus Free Games September 2018

PlayStation Plus Free Games September 2018

Some of us may still be suffering through this year’s heat wave – which provides ample opportunity to stay in an air conditioned home and play some games. And just in time, Sony has announced their next line up for PlayStation Plus free games September 2018 which will be available for download on Tuesday, September 4.

For the PlayStation 4, there’s Destiny 2, the online first-person shooter and sequel to the 2014 title by Bungie, which has you fighting off alien forces either by yourself, with friends, or a group of strangers. And God of War III Remastered, the revamped version of the 2010 PS3 version which has Kratos taking his revenge out on Olympus itself.

On the PlayStation 3, there’s Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition, a cinematic platforming adventure first released in 1991, about a scientist tumbling through space and time after a failed experiment. The game is also a cross-plat on both the PS4 and PS Vita. And QUBE Director’s Cut, a platforming puzzle game in first-person, where players use high-tech gloves to alter the environment in order to reach deeper levels of a cube that is on a collision course for Earth. The game is also a cross-plat on the PS4.

And for the PlayStation Vita, there’s Sparkle 2, an action-puzzle game in which players make their way through levels to find the five enchanted keys. Sparkle 2 is a cross-plat on both the PS3 and PS4. And Foul Play, a side-scrolling brawler with co-op capabilities where performance on the stage is more important than simply punching away enemies.

Among the PlayStation Plus free games September 2018 line-up, God of War III Remastered, Destiny 2, and Foul Play all have Platinum trophies to unlock. Among them, Foul Play is perhaps the easiest and requiring only about 18 hours of gameplay, while God of War III Remastered is of average difficulty and needs about 15 hours, depending on skills. Also, both Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition and QUBE Director’s Cut are fairly easy games to unlock 100% of the trophies, and each only require a few hours with a walkthrough.

Also, the PlayStation VR title Here They Lie still remains a free download for PlayStation Plus members until October 2. And the party game Knowledge is Power continues to remain a free download for members until November 6.