PlayStation Plus Free Games February 2020

PlayStation Plus Free Games February 2020

Trophy hunters rejoice! Sony is giving away quite a few titles for PlayStation Plus members next month, which means more trophies and more Platinums. Here is the line-up of PlayStation Plus Free Games February 2020 available for download on Tuesday, February 4.

First, there’s the BioShock Collection, which includes BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite, all originally released on seventh generation consoles, and revamped for the PS4. These are first-person shooters with RPG elements, where players defend themselves with an assortment of weapons, including strange genetic-enhancing powers, while exploring a dystopian city underwater and in the sky. The BioShock Collection also includes all single-player DLC.

Next, there’s The Sims 4, the next installment in the popular life simulation series. Create your characters, fulfill your career goals, find love, start a family, and build the house of your dreams.

Finally, as an added bonus, Sony is also giving away Firewall: Zero Hour, a 4v4 online multiplayer shooter for the PlayStation VR. Accept contracts from agents Mother and Father, and complete objectives while fighting off enemy teams.

All games in the PlayStation Plus Free Games February 2020 line-up have Platinum trophies to unlock. This means a possible total of five Platinums.

For the most part, The Sims 4 is perhaps the easiest Platinum to unlock. However, expect to put in at least 30 hours of simulated gaming.

The first BioShock is also not overly difficult if you use an exploit that allows you to complete only the final scene on Survivor mode. Otherwise, all three BioShock titles require some decent skills, but their Platinum’s are still doable for average gamers.

Firewall: Zero Hour’s Platinum is extremely difficult to unlock without boosting.