Ancient Amuletor Trophy Guide

Ancient Amuletor Trophy Guide

Ancient Amuletor Trophy Guide. Difficulty: * An action tower defense game for the PlayStation VR. The game itself is short and not particularly difficult, marking for a quick and easy Platinum.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Ancient Amuletor * 30 Ti Games China 10 15 4 3 0

Ancient Amuletor

Ancient Amuletor is an action tower defense game for the PlayStation VR. Players must defend crystals against waves of enemies that appear from different points in the arena and follow designated paths which lead to their targets. Players can select from four classes, the archer, gunner, mage, and puppeteer, and use a PlayStation Move controller in each hand to move and attack the enemies. The game also includes online multiplayer in which up to four players can team together to defend the crystals.

Ancient Amuletor received lukewarm reviews with an average score of 63%, praised for its generally smooth controls and overall fun, though criticized for its shortness and lack in content.

While the game is not a simple walk in the park, both the difficulty and time required is low enough to warrant a 1-star difficulty. The game itself is quite short, but will require some replay via the level select. There are three multiplayer trophies which, ironically, are easier to get if you are hosting a game by yourself. Overall, the Platinum is a mild challenge that does not require much time.

Expect around 8-9 hours for the Platinum, depending on your skills.

NOTE: The game requires the PlayStation VR and two Move controllers.

Begin by playing the tutorial. Not only will this help show you the ropes of the game, but will unlock the Become An Amuletor trophy.

Next, select Normal and play through the main game, which is comprised of four levels divided into two worlds. Doing so will unlock both the Crystal Amuletor I and Crystal Amuletor II trophies, and the Any More trophy for defeating 200 enemiesas well as unlock Hard mode. In this step, you needn’t worry too much about getting 3 stars as this will be easier to do later after your weapons have leveled up. For the most part, focus on getting a feel for which character you prefer and acquiring strategies.

Next, it’s time to replay those levels while focusing on unlocking any character-specific trophies you don’t yet have. These include the Rain Of Arrows trophy for the archer, Bulletstorm, Suppressive Fire, and No Place To Hide trophies for the gunner, the Hammer Impact, Puppet Savior, and Keep Your Distance trophies for the puppet master, and the Frozen Time trophy for the mage. Your goal here is not only to unlock these trophies, but level up your weapons as well, which will make the next two steps easier.

After that, it’s time to select your favorite character and attempt to get 3 Stars on any levels you haven’t done so, yet. Doing this will unlock the four corresponding Perfect Amuletor trophies.

Then, you’ll need to replay levels 1-2 and 2-2 on Hard mode to defeat each of the two bosses to unlock the Statue Breaker and No Pass trophies. In this step, your star rating does not matter, just defeat the enemies on Hard to get the trophies.

There are three online multiplayer trophies to unlock which, thankfully, do not need to be boosted as all of them are easier to unlock if playing by yourself. First, host a solo game and simply play to the end of the level to unlock The Best Partner, as well as the Hello My Friend trophy. Next, you will need to earn first kill nine more times by hosting solo, get the first kill, then quit and start over.

Finally, it’s time to simply mop-up any miscellaneous trophies you may be missing. Check out the Ancient Amuletor trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you still need and their requirements.